Saturday, December 28, 2013

Photo Shoots

     I already posted our Christmas Card for this year, but here are our attempts at getting a "good" picture for it.  My hat is off to all of you who spend your days photographing children!

Thursday, December 26, 2013


     My favorite Christmas gifts are getting cards from friends in the mail and new ornaments for our tree.  The kids made quite a few this year so I was in luck!

This one's from Pop

This one I fought for at our small group Christmas party when we played Dirty Santa

December Fun

     December was busy and full of fun as usual, which has gotten me behind on blogging (also as usual).  Here is what our month looked like.

We always try to make an ornament for our tree.  This year we painted premade Christmas trees that had places for the kids picture in the center.

The kids got out of school early a couple of times since our football team went to the state playoffs.  They ended up getting beaten in Tuscaloosa, but the kids were rooting for them all the way!

Mom, Jeremy, and I have also been teaching children's church about once a month.  Actually mom teaches, Jeremy is crowd control, and I am clean-up/craft time crew.  Teaching is just not my gift, but luckily it is one of mom's so we do pretty good with our system.  This is our group of 1st through 5th graders the Sunday before Christmas.

And a couple of us getting ready for church.  Needless to say we consider it a win if we are only a few minutes late!  We're obviously waiting on Mia to put her final touches on her hair, so we had time for a photo shoot!

This heavy frost is the closest we've come to snow this winter.  It's actually been pretty mild and we've played outside a lot, which is a blessing to any mom with a houseful of stir crazy kids!

I was very blessed to host our small group social for Christmas.  I can't count the times I have whined, complained, cried, and laughed with the ladies.  They are always there to encourage me, pray with and for me, and lovingly rebuke me, which I need daily!  They truly do not know what they mean to me in this season of life, when I often feel like I'm drowning in the mundane everyday tasks.  We had a pajama party with tons of snacks and played Dirty Santa.

My big kids are starting to branch out in their cooking endeavors.  Mia made our chocolate gravy and biscuits one morning, which is a welcome blessing to me!  The bonus is they're learning to bless others with the gifts they have been given.

Then came the school Christmas parties.  3 parties in 2 days was crazy!  Jackson exempted all his 6th grade exams, so his last day was the 17th.  His party was that afternoon and was very low maintenance (thankfully).  They ate and played a game and we were outta there!

The 19th brought Mia's 3rd grade party that morning at 8.  They had snacks and played bingo to exchange gifts.  Her boyfriend even brought her a gift.  Yes I said boyfriend.  No her daddy is not happy.

Kennely and Mia

The same afternoon Parker's 1st grade class had their celebration.  The 6 and 7 year olds were a little crazier than the other parties.  They ate and danced until the last bell rang!  They had all brought stockings and treats to fill them with, so everyone went home with a stocking full of gifts from their friends!

Dylon and Parker are partners in crime this year!

Now everyone was out of school and we began our holiday baking.  The kids all helped me make the pies for Christmas day.  The picture looks like Jackson was taste testing, but he really just didnt' like touching the coconut!  Mia and her friend Rosie got to decorate the sugar cookies.  I'm still sweeping up sprinkles.

And finally DAD'S HOME!  Everyone piled on Jeremy all day on Christmas Eve.

Then came Christmas morning.  We opened our gifts at home . . .

. . . then at Pop and Nana's with the cousins . . .

Boys "helping" with Christmas breakfast.

Everett showing off his new boots

Mia and Kenzie

Carley's favorite brother in law

All 8 before the chaos

Gifts from Pop

. . .then at Grandma's for lunch.  We are blessed to have most of our family live in the same town!