Sunday, January 30, 2011

I want to ride my BICYCLE!

    We have acquired another bike rider in our family!  Jeremy spent the past 2 days encouraging Mia to try it (not to mention wiping tears and running behind her up and down the street). She is usually easily convinced to try new things, so we were surprised when she was hesitant.  She is not  big on pain however, so when Jackson told her he fell down a couple of times when he was learning, she wanted no part of it.  So, she then had to weigh eating the pavement against riding with all of her friends.  Of course fun won her over and her lessons began.  We are fortunate to have about 20 kids in our neighborhood to run around with, so she is very excited to get to go on all the adventures now.  All of our kids love to be outside, so riding a bike is essential!  I thank God that we live in a place where our children actually have a yard and a whole gang of kids to hang out with and neighbors that we actually know and talk to often.  I always wanted to live in a big city, but I am grateful for God's provision in our lives, especially for the simple things like this.  He's got us right where He wants us!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

52 Home

Week 4 - Mondays

52 Home

Week 3 - Lunch with Luigi

52 Home

Week 2 - artwork from Mia

52 Home

     There is a blog that I read daily (if not more) that really has been an encouragement to me.  You can find it here.  Not only is it a daily blog written by Christian women, it's biblical advice from moms that struggle with the same things I do.  If you know who CJ Mahaney is, the blog is written by his wife Carolyn, and their 3 grown daughters.  My point of all this is that I am about to steal one of the ideas from their blog and use it for my own!  One of the daughters does a "52 home" project, which is simply a photo from daily life.  Nothing fancy.  Sometimes it's her kids, sometimes a filthy kitchen, sometimes the view from the car window in the school pick up line.  It's a simple way to be able to remember an entire year (52 weeks) in photographs.  It doesn't need a description, or a story, it's simply a picture of that time in your life that you can look back on and remember what "those" days were like.  Something just for me that I can look back and laugh (or cry) about.  So, with that explained I intend to do this with our lives this year.  Even though I'm a couple of weeks behind, I do have pics from the first few weeks of 2011 to include.  Here's to our life in pictures!
Week 1

Monday, January 24, 2011


     We have tried dance.  We have tried soccer.  We are now trying gymnastics.  I think we have found a winner with this one.  Mia started last week at Geronimo gymnastics in Florence and she is in love.  She is my outgoing child, so when it was time for her class to begin she walked right out on the mat and told her teacher, "I'm Mia.  I'm new."  From that moment on she jumped, ran, and tumbled with the rest of the girls, just like she had been there forever.  I just hope she doesn't try to take over soon!  Of course a big bonus of taking gymnastics is that she gets to "dress up" in her leotard at least once a week.  She knows at least one of the other little girls from church, and she made a couple of new friends while she was there. 
     Even though she is very outgoing, she was a little nervous before we got there.  She asked me if I was going to watch her, and I told her I was if we were able to.  Her reply was, "Well, don't keep smiling at me, it's so humiliating!".  Yes, she is 6 going on 16.  Of course once we were in the gym and she starting getting a feel for it she was fine with me smiling at her.  She kept looking over to make sure that I was still watching every move she made.
     When we got back in the car it had started to snow (again) and I asked her how she liked it.  She said, "I love it, it's awesome, and I can't stop smiling".  Everyday since then her mantra has been, "how many more days until gymnastics?, how many more days until gymnastics?."  I can't see her getting tired of this one.  We have never pushed our kids into activities, especially since they take away from family time, but we are always open to trying anything they want to tackle.  My opinion is it's good for them to get out there in the world and experience new things and new people with different attitudes.  My prayer as always is for God to lead my children to repentance and faith through Jesus Christ, and one day to be able to share with their "circles" the love of a faithful God.  If we are to be salt and light in this earthly life, then we've got to tell the world about it, which means we've got to be in it!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sweet Mimi's

     Two Christmases ago, we were building the house we live in now.  We were renting a tiny house (tiny for 5 people anyway) and I was about 8 months pregnant.  My other pregnancies were great, so when I was hit with high blood pressure and ankles the size of tree trunks this time around, I knew bed rest was next.  My first December appointment brought exactly that.  So, tiny house, building a new home, pregnant, bedrest, and it's Christmas. Our tree was about a foot too tall for our rental house, so we had to put it almost in the middle of our living room.  But, it was Christmas and we weren't going to let all of our "obstacles" get in the way, especially when we had a 7, 4, and 2 year old who were ready to celebrate!
     When Christmas morning rolled around the kids were so excited to see what Santa brought and to open presents with me & Jeremy.  After they were through Jeremy brought in a huge box for me.  I waddled over to unwrap it & it had a big Dyson logo on the front.  I was excited because I did need a new vacuum cleaner.  Keep in mind that just a couple of weeks before we had talked about what a horrible gift household appliances were!  I opened it and thanked him and resumed trying to pry toys out of the boxes they were hardwired into.  He kept asking me to open the box and get it out to look at it.  Finally I peeled the outside paper away, only to find a Janome box!  I was so excited! 
    Now, trying to learn everything about a new contraption while pregnant is not good for the blood pressure, so my machine sat in the box for about 5 months.  Meanwhile, we had a baby and moved to our new home.  When we finally came up for air I got my new toy out and a dear friend came over and spent all day showing me the ins and outs.  Thank goodness I picked it up easier than sewing!

     I wanted to be able to monogram things around our home and do stuff for my kids.  I never thought that embroidery would be something I would be able to make a little money doing, but that's exactly what it has turned into.  I love having an outlet, as I'm sure all stay at home moms do.  I call my little business "Sweet Mimi's" after my daughter Mia (our only girl).  I can do as much or as little as I want, and if I need to stop to play lightsabers or clean up spilled juice, I don't have to punch a time card.  It is one of the most thoughtful gifts Jeremy could have ever gotten me.  I thank him for being the bread winner so that I can be at home, raising our children, and doing something that I truly love.  He is one in a million and I hope our "Mimi" is just as lucky in love as her mom is!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Party, Party, PARTY!

     I find myself in the middle of planning for 3 upcoming parties.  They aren't until February, but my opinion is it's never to early to get started!  Party planning is one thing in life I really enjoy doing.  I love all the little details, especially at kids parties.  I can already see my husband giving this a big eye roll.  He thinks party planning is calling your guests on the phone & telling them to "drop by on Saturday for some cake".  But I truly love it! 

     Our first party is for Jackson & Everett.  Their birthdays are so close (Jackson is the 28th & Everett is the 15th) that we are having a joint party for both of them.  It's Jackson's 9th & Everett's 1st!  It's hard to believe that Everett is already one, but even harder to believe that Jackson is going to be nine.  And it just goes faster as they get older!  Everett is such a "little monkey", so that is the party we are doing.  Jackson was alright with this since none of his friends would be at this one. 
     The second party is Earl & Arnelle Green's 50th wedding anniversary!  These are Jeremy's grandparents & they live in Florence, Alabama.  Jeremy & I joke all the time about how we have been married forever (really only 9 years), so I can imagine how it will feel when we make it to 50!  What a celebration being married for that long will be!  Their anniversary is actually the same day that Jackson was born, but the party will be on the 19th at their church.  They have 5 children, 7 grandchildren, & 6 great grandchildren.  I am putting together a special "surprise" for them, and it has been so fun looking back at their lives through photos.  I hope God will bless our marriage as much as he has blessed theirs.

     The last party will be Jackson's birthday party with his friends on the 26th.  He wants to have a detective party, which will be fun to plan.  He has my planner instincts, so he wants to do alot of it himself, which I will welcome with our hectic month!  He's having a few friends over that Friday night to spend the night (and terrorize his sister).  Spend the night's are always interesting with a houseful of 9 year old boys!
     That means every single Saturday in February is booked, which is fine with me because it's all family stuff!  We always enjoy doing as much as we can with them.  I told Jeremy when we were leaving his grandparents house after Christmas this past year that it was the last one where all the kids were still "kids".  They are all growing up & I think they will miss these years as much as I will when they're gone.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A New Adventure

     As I begin to write, I have a 3 year old asking (repeatedly) for grapes, a 6 year old in full makeup, an 8 year old telling the 6 year old how awful her makeover looks, & an 11 month old obsessed with turning off my computer!  We are on "snow day" #3!  I meant to begin this on January 1, but like most things, life got in the way & I didn't have time to start until now!  I figure this is the easiest, fastest way for me to keep up with my life at this point.  I am Leah Fowler Robison. I am saved by grace through Jesus Christ, joyfully married to my sweetheart Jeremy for 9 years,  & a mother to 4: Jackson, Mia, Parker, & Everett.
     A little bit of background on the Robison family.  We live in Muscle Shoals, Alabama.  The same town where Jeremy & I grew up, fell in love, & got married.  Like most "kids" we were going to go to college, get amazing jobs, & get as far from this small town as we could.  Of course, God had His perfect plan already finished for us. We got married, had our first baby, & made the best of it.  I worked while Jeremy finished school at UAH. He graduated with a civil engineering degree.  He interviewed all over the southeast & got his first job as an assisstant county engineer in Conecuh County, Alabama.  We knew it was a small town, but it was far from here, so we were excited!  Little did we know how much we would miss this little town we were so anxious to be rid of.  We spent the next few years working our way back "home".  Jeremy took a job in Clanton, Alabama, where we were thrilled to find out we were expecting our daughter.  Before she was born, Jeremy got the job as assisstant Colbert County engineer.  We were going home!  So this is where we are for now.  Close to family & friends.  I drive my kids to school at the same place I went.  They even have some of the same teachers I had.  For us, this is where we want to be.  God may change that tomorrow & move us miles away, but I truly believe we are here to stay.  So, that's us in a nutshell.

     Sunday was my 31st birthday. That night around 7 p.m. the snow began to fall.  We ended up with 10 inches!  So, Jackson (3rd grade) & Mia (kindergarten) have been home with us since last Friday.  Parker is overjoyed.  He misses them so much when they are at school.  I don't think Jackson has been out of his sight(or light saber range) since he's been home!  Everett isn't quite sure what to think.  He has so many hands reaching for him all day, I think he will be happy to have a break from everyone.
     I am hoping to keep this up as my time will allow.  There are so many things that happen in our day to day lives that I would love to be able to look back & recall.  God has blessed me with the best job in the world & I wouldn't trade it for anything.  I can't wait to see what He will do to us & through us as this year progresses!