Tuesday, January 25, 2011

52 Home

     There is a blog that I read daily (if not more) that really has been an encouragement to me.  You can find it here.  Not only is it a daily blog written by Christian women, it's biblical advice from moms that struggle with the same things I do.  If you know who CJ Mahaney is, the blog is written by his wife Carolyn, and their 3 grown daughters.  My point of all this is that I am about to steal one of the ideas from their blog and use it for my own!  One of the daughters does a "52 home" project, which is simply a photo from daily life.  Nothing fancy.  Sometimes it's her kids, sometimes a filthy kitchen, sometimes the view from the car window in the school pick up line.  It's a simple way to be able to remember an entire year (52 weeks) in photographs.  It doesn't need a description, or a story, it's simply a picture of that time in your life that you can look back on and remember what "those" days were like.  Something just for me that I can look back and laugh (or cry) about.  So, with that explained I intend to do this with our lives this year.  Even though I'm a couple of weeks behind, I do have pics from the first few weeks of 2011 to include.  Here's to our life in pictures!
Week 1


  1. I may have to steal this one! It is a very cute and great idea!

  2. Beth, you should do it! The girltalk website actually does a pic for everyday, but I don't know if I could keep it up. Check out theirs, they are really neat.