Monday, January 24, 2011


     We have tried dance.  We have tried soccer.  We are now trying gymnastics.  I think we have found a winner with this one.  Mia started last week at Geronimo gymnastics in Florence and she is in love.  She is my outgoing child, so when it was time for her class to begin she walked right out on the mat and told her teacher, "I'm Mia.  I'm new."  From that moment on she jumped, ran, and tumbled with the rest of the girls, just like she had been there forever.  I just hope she doesn't try to take over soon!  Of course a big bonus of taking gymnastics is that she gets to "dress up" in her leotard at least once a week.  She knows at least one of the other little girls from church, and she made a couple of new friends while she was there. 
     Even though she is very outgoing, she was a little nervous before we got there.  She asked me if I was going to watch her, and I told her I was if we were able to.  Her reply was, "Well, don't keep smiling at me, it's so humiliating!".  Yes, she is 6 going on 16.  Of course once we were in the gym and she starting getting a feel for it she was fine with me smiling at her.  She kept looking over to make sure that I was still watching every move she made.
     When we got back in the car it had started to snow (again) and I asked her how she liked it.  She said, "I love it, it's awesome, and I can't stop smiling".  Everyday since then her mantra has been, "how many more days until gymnastics?, how many more days until gymnastics?."  I can't see her getting tired of this one.  We have never pushed our kids into activities, especially since they take away from family time, but we are always open to trying anything they want to tackle.  My opinion is it's good for them to get out there in the world and experience new things and new people with different attitudes.  My prayer as always is for God to lead my children to repentance and faith through Jesus Christ, and one day to be able to share with their "circles" the love of a faithful God.  If we are to be salt and light in this earthly life, then we've got to tell the world about it, which means we've got to be in it!

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