Monday, January 17, 2011

Party, Party, PARTY!

     I find myself in the middle of planning for 3 upcoming parties.  They aren't until February, but my opinion is it's never to early to get started!  Party planning is one thing in life I really enjoy doing.  I love all the little details, especially at kids parties.  I can already see my husband giving this a big eye roll.  He thinks party planning is calling your guests on the phone & telling them to "drop by on Saturday for some cake".  But I truly love it! 

     Our first party is for Jackson & Everett.  Their birthdays are so close (Jackson is the 28th & Everett is the 15th) that we are having a joint party for both of them.  It's Jackson's 9th & Everett's 1st!  It's hard to believe that Everett is already one, but even harder to believe that Jackson is going to be nine.  And it just goes faster as they get older!  Everett is such a "little monkey", so that is the party we are doing.  Jackson was alright with this since none of his friends would be at this one. 
     The second party is Earl & Arnelle Green's 50th wedding anniversary!  These are Jeremy's grandparents & they live in Florence, Alabama.  Jeremy & I joke all the time about how we have been married forever (really only 9 years), so I can imagine how it will feel when we make it to 50!  What a celebration being married for that long will be!  Their anniversary is actually the same day that Jackson was born, but the party will be on the 19th at their church.  They have 5 children, 7 grandchildren, & 6 great grandchildren.  I am putting together a special "surprise" for them, and it has been so fun looking back at their lives through photos.  I hope God will bless our marriage as much as he has blessed theirs.

     The last party will be Jackson's birthday party with his friends on the 26th.  He wants to have a detective party, which will be fun to plan.  He has my planner instincts, so he wants to do alot of it himself, which I will welcome with our hectic month!  He's having a few friends over that Friday night to spend the night (and terrorize his sister).  Spend the night's are always interesting with a houseful of 9 year old boys!
     That means every single Saturday in February is booked, which is fine with me because it's all family stuff!  We always enjoy doing as much as we can with them.  I told Jeremy when we were leaving his grandparents house after Christmas this past year that it was the last one where all the kids were still "kids".  They are all growing up & I think they will miss these years as much as I will when they're gone.

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