Thursday, February 17, 2011

Field Trip #1

     I have entitled this entry Field Trip #1 because I know we will have a few more before the school year is over.  On this one Jackson's 3rd grade class went to the McWane Science Center in Birmingham, Alabama.  It was actually the entire 3rd grade from McBride so there were a ton of kids there.  There are 4 floors of exhibits and hands-on displays for the kids to go through.  This trip was especially fun since Jeremy took off work to go with us.  Jackson rode the bus with his class, so Jeremy and I got to spend the ride down together & we ate breakfast at Niki's West in Birmingham, which he loves. It's not often we time like that to just be with one another without little voices joining in, so it was a great morning.
     Not long after we got there Jackson's teacher from the first of the year showed up.  She is carrying twins and moved to Birmingham around Christmas.  I know all the kids have really missed her, so they were thrilled to see her there.  Jackson is not one to show joy very well, but I knew he was excited to see her.  He came running up to me saying, "Mrs. Guthrie's here, did you see her?" with a big grin on his face. 

     We spent the first couple of hours roaming around through all the things to see and do.  I think Jeremy had just as much fun as the kids did.  Of course Jeremy's favorite was the fish on the bottom floor, so he found out when they could pet sting rays and took Jackson and a friend down to see them.  There were a lot of science related exhibits that were really neat.  Jackson rode in the fighter plane simulator which spun in circles and upside down.  I would have totally lost it, but he loved it.  They had an Alabama dinosaur display with skeletons and pieces of bones that have been found all over Alabama, which was my favorite.  We had to meet his class for lunch at noon, so we headed down to the lunch room.

     They were supposed to see a movie after lunch, but we talked Jackson into leaving to spend the rest of the afternoon in Birmingham with us.  It didn't take much to convince him.  He said the movie was going to be "something boring about water", so off we went.  It isn't often it's just the three of us so we were all glad to have the time together.  We went to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory.  Jeremy got dessert here and we got a piece for Nana (for keeping the rest of our crazy kids that day), but Jackson and I wanted to go to Yogurt Mountain so we waited.
     Next was Jackson's favorite part of the day.  He and Jeremy have struck up a deal for having all A's on report cards this year, so he has been saving his money for an Ipod.  We went to the Apple store and he picked one out, along with a new case.  One quick note about Apple stores.  You have to have an appointment to even BUY anything? Really?  You may work in an Apple store, and you may be smarter than me, but you did not invent the computer, so treat me like a human being, OK?  I would like to see one of these 9 to 5'ers tackle 4 kids, a husband, and a household for 24 hours.  Anyway, we "dealt" with Apple and made our way to Yogurt Mountain.  Jackson and I have the same philosophy about ice cream.  The more stuff you can put in it the better! So, we filled our cups with as much junk as we could.  Jeremy turned his nose up at it and made fun of our mixtures, but didn't hesitate to ask if I could find him and "clean" bite from the bottom!

     We headed home to pick up the rest of the crew from Nana and spent the next few hours outside riding bikes and playing basketball.  The weather this past week has been amazing, hitting almost 70 degrees everyday.  I hope it will stay this way, especially since the kids are out of school for a three day weekend starting tomorrow.  I think we have skipped right over Spring fever and have our sights set on summer!  We had a wonderful day and I thank God for every experience with this family He has given me!

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  1. I LOVE LOVE Yogurt Mountain too. But I admit, I'm like Jeremy and only like it "clean." I always make my way there when in Birmingham visiting the inlaws. I still have to try out that place in Florence too. I'm a sucker for fro yo!