Saturday, February 26, 2011

Field Trip #2

     What's a girl to do on field trip Friday?  Well, if you're a zebra, you get your field trip duds on and get to class!  Our wonderful 70ish weather has turned colder, so everyone was bundled in long sleeves and jackets.  Now, anytime a 6 year old gets to ride a bus it's a very big deal, so that in itself was enough excitement for the day.  The parents met the kids at The Children's Museum in Florence at 9:30 and we toured the museum for the next couple of hours.  They started out learning all about the digestive tract (which was interesting to say the least) from a huge doll named Stuffy.  Stuffy has all the "stuff" inside his body that we do, only it's huge.  Yeah, interesting.  They also got to go to a science center where they had to identify different things by smell only.  It was funny because they thought most of the smells were bad, but they were actually things like lemon, cocoa, and vanilla. 

     The museum has a pioneer room where everything is like it would be in a pioneer home.  The lady teaching in this room talked about different kinds of arrowheads and how people used to use every part of the animal they killed to live. 

     There is a construction area where the kids can actually pound nails with hammers while dressed in hard hats and goggles, which everybody loved. 
     And we also visited the music room, which had every kind of instrument you can think of.  It even has a piano like the one in the movie Big, even though it never seems to work when we are there.  This could also be called The Deafening Room.  Picture 10 kindergartners playing instruments as loudly as possible, all at the same time.  Yeah, good times.  Finally a lady came in to tell them about some of the instruments that were from different countries.  Of course by this time we couldn't hear a word she was saying, but I'm sure it was informative. 

     The kids also got to make an art project before they left.  I would not, repeat NOT want the job of cleaning this room after a field trip.  They glued little squares of tissue paper on a picture.  We were the last class to do this, so needless to say everything was covered in tiny pieces of tissue. 

     They ended the day with a picture on the front steps of the museum and shuffled back to the bus to finish the day at school.  It was a fun, quick trip.  Glad we have something like that close that the kids visit!

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