Tuesday, February 15, 2011

♫ Happy Birthday to Everett ♫

       Everett Harold Earl Robison was born on this day, one year ago, at 8:04 p.m. at ECM hospital in Florence, Alabama.  He weighed 7 lbs. and was 21 3/4" long.  He had dark brown hair and blue eyes. Yes, he is a man of MANY names.  I have always liked the name Everett and his middle names are given to him by his great grandfathers.

     Jeremy and I were not planning on having any more children.  We were very shocked to find out in February of 2009 that we were expecting again.  And when I say shocked I mean fall on the floor flabbergasted.  Jeremy was away on a work conference the day I took the home pregnancy test so I didn't know if I should wait to tell him or not.  Being the person that can never wait for anything, I decided he had to know immediately!  We had planned a trip to Disney World that summer, so I sent him the following text: "I wonder if pregnant girls can ride anything at Disney."  I got the following text back: "It doesn't matter.  I don't know any pregnant girls."  My text: "You do now!"  Then I took a picture of the test and sent it to him.  He called me, and I told him, and he was silent.  We both already knew that God foreknew this little soul he had created, so quickly we were over the surprise and got excited.  I had never had any problems with any other pregnancy, so we told everyone right away, even our children.  It was just a few weeks later that I realized I had not been sick at all.  I was always very sick when I was pregnant so this concerned me a little.  That very same night I began to miscarry this child.  It was a very emotional time.  Even with God's comfort and peace there were many times that human emotion and thought took me over.  Why would God give me this blessing only to take it away before I could fully embrace it?  Why, when we weren't even looking for this would it be given and taken away?  The answer was always with me.  Just when I would start to let these feelings take me over, God's peace would overtake them and remind me that He is sovereign.  He was in charge of my life and had a perfect plan already in place for me, even if it wasn't my plan (and it's usually not).  Most things an Almighty God has in store for my life I can't even begin to understand within my human mind.  God got us through the difficult task of telling our children that we would not be bringing another life into our home.  It allowed us to explain to them that God gives and takes away according to His purpose, not ours.

     The next few months things got back to normal.  Jackson finished 1st grade and Mia finished her last year of preschool and we were out for the summer!  We also got busy planning our very 1st Disney trip!  And then it happened.  The week before we left for vacation I was once again pregnant.  I was again surprised and overjoyed that God may bring another little one into our family.  We kept it to ourselves at first, at least until we could get to the doctor and see if everything was alright.  We left for our trip very excited.  I prayed for God to take care of me and this baby. 

     And He did.  We had a wonderful vacation despite the heat of mid June in Florida. I only felt queasy once when we were on a boat ride back to our resort.  I got to ride every ride with my husband and kids and it's a trip we will never forget.  We got home and made our first doctor's appointment.  And there it was, a tiny heartbeat on the screen.  A healthy little twitching life.  We were extremely happy that the baby was healthy.  We then told our families who were joyous as well.

     I had a difficult pregnancy this time around.  Extreme nausea and blood pressure trouble were my main complications.  After talking with my doctor, he decided to induce me on February 15.  I went in at 7 that morning.  After my longest labor so far, we finally got to meet our little Everett a few minutes after 8 that night.  We were so grateful to God for this blessing.

     Everett has been a very mild tempered baby.  He kind of just goes with the flow of our everyday lives.  Recently he has turned mischievous.  He is definitely a little monkey, climbing everything that he doesn't knock over.  He loves to hide and play chase with his brothers and sister.  Mia thinks she is a little mom, always on top of him, most of the time to his disapproval.  He is the very definition of a "daddy's boy" and Jeremy loves every minute of it!  He is happy and healthy and loved very much.

     It is hard to believe it's been a whole year since we were blessed with our little Everett.  He was definitely an unexpected blessing!  He has brought so much fun and excitement to our family.  Personally, his life has helped me to be more patient with all my children and to let go of the unimportant daily tasks that I once thought so important.  My prayer for him is that he will grow to love God.  I pray he will one day know the peace of salvation through repentance and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.  I pray that when trials come his way in this life, that he will know that his Gracious Heavenly Father has a perfect plan for him.  Happy birthday my sweet Everett!

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