Monday, February 14, 2011

I ♥ You!

     Jeremy and I were talking last night about our Valentine's day last year, which led to a discussion of all our previous Valentine's days together.  We were surprised that we couldn't remember most of them!  Of course he remembered more than me, which I blame on loss of brain cell activity through pregnancy.  If you haven't experienced this phenomenon yet let me tell you, it is incredible.  Just sucks the memory power right out of you.  So, I thought I had better get down the memories we do have before they are also gone!  We have pretty much grown out of all the mushy, sappy stuff.  Don't get me wrong, we are still madly in love, we just don't have the time to spend all day sitting, staring wistfully out the window, thinking of new ways to express our feelings for each other, like we did in high school.  Alright, here we go.  I am starting as far back as either of us remember.
     In high school Jeremy bought me flowers and left them outside my house with a mushy card.  Even then he would tell me that we would spend the rest of our lives together.  Guess he is always right (ha)!  That same year, I skipped 4th block at school to break into his house and leave a trail of peppermint patties up the stairs to his room where I left an equally mushy card and more candy.  He had also skipped out early and caught me as I was leaving.  Oh well, I tried for the surprise!
     Our first Valentine's day as a married couple we don't really remember much of.  I was very pregnant with Jackson and working at a local bank 40 + hours a week and Jeremy was in college full time.  When I came home from work that night I found a Victoria's Secret bag and flowers on our coffee table.  My first thought, honestly, "How in the world does he think I am going to fit into whatever is in that bag!".  But I was pleasantly surprised to find a new pair of pj's and a robe.  I had told him a few weeks before that I really wished I had something decent to take to the hospital instead of my sweatpants and tshirts!  He then proceeded to regale the story of his shopping trip, and how all the women in VS had thought he was the sweetest husband in the world.  I'm sure we went out to eat or something that night as well, but we can't remember.
    The next one we remember is when we were living in Clanton, Alabama.  Jeremy's mom and stepfather had come to stay with us for the weekend.  We had just found out we were pregnant with Mia and Jackson was about to turn 2.  The Cheesecake Factory had just opened close to us, so we headed out alone (and early) thinking we could beat the crowds.  Little did we know that it was also opening weekend, so even at 5 p.m. it was a 4 hour wait!  We knew we were really only in it for the cheesecake, so we stood in line for an hour at the sweets counter to get a couple slices.  We were starving now, so we found the closest Krystal's and hit the drive through.  We had a fun night, even though it didn't go as planned.
     The next few years are the foggy ones.  We were lucky enough to move back home and have Nana and Grandma close by to babysit.  I know there were dinners out, flowers, chocolates, etc., but can't remember an especially great Valentine's day.  As the kids started school it became more of a family holiday.  Buying valentine cards and making mailboxes for parties is the new normal at our house.
     I should probably mention here that February is notorious around our house as "The Month Of Sickness".  Almost every year we have at least one round of the stomach bug, and at least 2 of us get the full blown flu.  After Parker was born I began having a Valentine's breakfast for our family.  The first one was when Mia had just gotten done with round 1 of sickness.  It was a Saturday, so everyone slept late while I made red heart biscuits, chocolate gravy, eggs, and bacon.  I set the table with Valentine decorations & they each had a little prize.
     Last year on this day we were preparing for the birth of Everett.  I was being induced the next day, so we went to Outback for dinner.  It was packed of course and being huge I was not looking forward to waiting.  A sweet couple from church happened to have just been seated and asked us to join them.  It was wonderful having such a sweet fellowship with "veteran" parents the night before we added to our family.  They have 2 grown boys, so we loved hearing all the stories.  We got our checks, which they paid for against our will, and they wished us luck for the next day.  They saved me from standing for hours that night, and I was indeed VERY grateful the next day!
     We have continued the breakfasts as a tradition, but on days like today, when it falls on a Monday and everyone has work and school, we scale it down a bit.  Today we had cinnamon rolls and everyone ate in shifts as they woke up.  I always try to get a picture, but Jeremy ate fast and took his coffee to go before I could find my camera.  I did manage to get everyone else at the table, some more awake than others.

     So that's it.  We have been in the Valentine's spirit since last Friday when we went to Mia's party at kindergarten.  Jackson's 3rd grade party is today, and I am desperately hoping he remembered to give his teacher the raspberry sherbet for the punch that was in his backpack.  As I was getting kids ready and Jeremy was running out the door we managed to get in a "Happy Valentine's Day".  We don't really do gifts for each other anymore, but I do have a family dinner planned for tonight.  And I will admit, I unlocked the front door this morning just in case there might be an unexpected delivery today!


  1. Leah, your posts are so fun to read. You're a great writer, and funny, too! I hope Jackson's Valentine's party is fun today! Wish I was there to enjoy the fun. Tell him I said hello!

    Jaime Guthrie

  2. Thank you Jaime. They sure do miss you in class! I will tell him you said hi!