Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Conversing with Kids

Jackson: What's an encyclopedia?
Me:  It's a bunch of books with all kinds of information.
Jackson: Kind of like the internet on paper.

Parker to Jackson: She's having a big attitude.
(talking about Mia crying for not getting something she wanted)

Parker to me: I'm glad at you.
(after I gave him breakfast one morning)

Parker: Oh no, there's a bug out here .
Me: It's ok, they live outside, it's their home.
Parker: I don't like them here.  They should have little houses.

(Parker sneezes banana ALL OVER me & the kitchen counter.)
Me: Buddy, cover your mouth when you sneeze so you don't spray germs and food everywhere.
Parker: If I cover my mouth with my hand I will get banana on it.

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