Friday, March 4, 2011

Doctors All Week Long

    We started this week very excited about Read Across America and ended up seeing a lot more doctors than just Seuss!  You can learn all about the program here. They celebrated Dr. Seuss's birthday on March 2nd, as well as his contribution to reading.  Each day the kids did something different and most days they got to dress up. Enjoy!

"Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” ~Dr. Seuss


Mia had Wacky Hat Day

Jackson had Socks & Flops Day.  That's what I said, SOCKS & FLOPS!  From the knees down he looks like he's retired to Florida!


Jackson had "Tall Tale Tuesday" and they got to write one of their own in class.

Mia had crazy sock day and they read Dr. Seuss's The Foot Book.


Jackson had "Wacky Wednesday" and got to dress crazy.  Subdued as he may be, he did actually turn everything inside out.  That's about as crazy as it gets for him!

Mia had "PJ Day" and they ate and read Green Eggs and Ham.


Jackson's class had character day and they got to dress like a character from a book that they liked.  He was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes.

Mia's class got a special t-shirt today.  She was very excited about this day in particular because her Nana came to school to read to her class.


Mia's class celebrated Rock Into Reading today with a 50's theme.  Her Nana made her poodle skirt.  Being the eccentric one in the family (Mia, not Nana), she had not one, not two, but three poodles on this skirt. They also have approximately 50 days of school left.  They dressed up and got to have ice cream sundaes.

     Jackson was scheduled to have PJ day today, but he didn't make it to school.  Around 4:30 this morning he came to our room saying his ear and lip were swollen.  I took him in to the bathroom and he was covered in whelps.  My immediate thought was he was having an allergic reaction, followed by thoughts of potential breathing problems.  Jeremy got dressed and took him to the ER where the doctors told him it was indeed an allergic reaction.  They treated him there and it looked tons better, so he got to come home with prescriptions.  We do not know what caused the reaction but we suspect it might have been a bug bite.  Since they can't really test for what caused it while he's having a reaction (and they treat all allergic reactions with the same meds anyway) that's all we have for now.  He wasn't in pain or itching, so that was a relief.  The funny part was that even before he went to the hospital he was worried he was going to miss school today.  His suspicions were confirmed, no school until Monday.
     There have been so many heartbreaking events in our area lately.  Just last night a family lost their mom and the twin 10 year old girls are in ICU in Huntsville hospital.  About a week ago another little girl from Jackson's school was diagnosed with a very threatening heart condition.  I am so glad to have a merciful Savior during these times.  I honestly do not know how people survive times like these without faith.  We are very grateful to God that Jackson's episode wasn't more severe than it was.  I know a few of you were praying with us during those wee hours this morning and we are thankful for you. 
     I had just been bragging that we were illness free during February and then our house just exploded with sickness.  Everett has had RSV since Monday, Parker's had allergy troubles, and then this with Jackson today.  To top everything off Jeremy was out of town for the first part of this week, so it has been a very draining week for me.  But our God is so good!  I pray that all of these instances of grief and loss around here lately will ultimately be used to Glorify His Holy Name!

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