Friday, March 25, 2011

Everett Update and a Surprise Long Weekend

     We had our marathon of doctors appointments yesterday and it went extremely well.  First we had an ultrasound at Women's and Children's hospital in Huntsville.  Of course, the xray tech didn't tell us anything while she did the scan, but handed us a sealed, SEALED mind you, envelope to take with us.  We went from there to our urologist's office which was right around the corner. Everett met a friend in the waiting room named Josiah and his mom and I figured out their birthdays were only 3 days apart.  Well, this little boy was so enthralled with Everett all he wanted to do was sit close to him.  He is an only child, so his mom said he just loved being with other kids.  Everett on the other hand, who is always hugged on and carried, would scoot over every time Josiah would sit by him!  I apologized to them both, trying to explain that he has 6 little hands at home that are always reaching for him.  We didn't wait long, which I was thankful for, and we were ushered back to our room.  I felt like a Miss America contestant standing there while our doctor opened the envelope and looked over the results.  And the winner was, Everett!  Our doctor told us it looks like the hernia is closing on it's own.  We have to go back in 4 months just to make sure, but no surgery for now.  Everett did very well considering we were in the car for 2 hours round trip and at various offices for about 2 hours.  It's nice to be in a doctor's office that is not infested with cold and flu germs for a change!

Everett waiting patiently in a big boy chair.  Yes, that's a huge bruise on his head from where he dove into the column in our kitchen. 

     Mia had a field trip yesterday (that she will never forgive us for missing) to The Palace and Spring Park.  The Palace is a local sandwich shop in downtown Tuscumbia and they stopped there for ice cream and then went to the park to play and have lunch.  She had a good time despite not having me there. 
     Jackson has had state testing this past week and they are gearing up for another whole week of it starting Monday, so I told the kids they could stay home from school today.  We are having a yard sale tomorrow and they wanted to bake up some goodies to make their "own" money at the sale, so we are spending the day getting things prepared.  I love having them all home, almost as much as Parker loves it.  He gets kind of lost during the day without them here.  Most mornings he sleeps until after they are gone, but his first question is always "Where's Jackson and Mia?".  He will be very glad to discover them still here this morning!   So, if you're out and about early in the morning stop by Living Faith Bookstore for our sale.  One man's trash is another man's treasure!

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