Sunday, March 20, 2011

Family, friends, and Impending Appointments

    We have had another fabulous weekend of good weather and we've spent most of it outside.  I finally had to make Parker and Everett come in this afternoon so they didn't get a sunburn!  Saturday we celebrated birthdays with my nieces Kenzie and Prentiss.  Kenzie is now 7 and Prentiss is 2.  We grilled out at their house and the kids played all afternoon.  We are very grateful that all my grandparents came from Hamilton and we got to spend some time with them. On a side note, thank all of you for praying for Prentiss last week.  She is much better!  A few days after her fall, her brother Isaac had a run in with Matt's truck bed and had to have 2 stitches.  He is also much better.  When it rains it pours, but our God is good!

The girls at the party

Everett playing kitchen

My grandparents James and Martha Hugh Fowler

My grandparents Harold and Rhemel Smith

     We ended our Saturday with Mia declaring "family movie night" and we watched Underdog.  Parker actually watched the entire movie with us, which is very unusual.  Jeremy asked him when it was over if he liked it and he said "no".  Oh well, at least he took part in our activity.  I think he may have just been too exhausted to get off the couch after playing with his cousins all day!
     Sunday was more of the same.  After church we played outside, we ate lunch outside, we scoured the neighborhood for stray kids to play with outside.  We also gave Everett his first popsicle today.  He kept holding it by the popsicle instead of the stick, but it's so hot out I don't think he even cared.  Needless to say it was a hit!

     Mia went to a birthday party for her friend Grace.  It was at Lucy's Artsy Place.  Grace is not just any friend, she is our spend the night friend.  She was Mia's first overnight guest, and also the very first friend Mia stayed overnight with.  They are a year apart in school and love each other to death.  Mia loves to paint, especially with Lucy.  She lives down the street from us, and also teaches kindergarten at Mia's school.  After the party Lucy brought Mia home in her convertible.  Guess what kind of car Mia wants now.

Mia and Grace

 Mia's painting (she has decided she doesn't like her nickname, and wants to be called Amelia now)

     As we start our new week, Everett and I will be going back to Huntsville to have his hernia ultrasound.  We will do this first, then our appointment with the urologist is immediately after.  So thankful they scheduled this way so we don't have to make 2 trips!  Hopefully the scan will find nothing, but we are prepared for whatever the doctors say.  We appreciate the prayers and I will update when we know something. 
     We also have decided this week that we will be spending Spring Break in Peoria and Chicago, Illinois.  A lot of Jeremy's family is there, so we will get to visit with them.  We really wanted to see Jeremy's great grandmother Helen, but she is leaving the day before we get there to visit her daughter Janice (Jeremy's grandmother) in Tucson, Arizona.  I hate we will miss her, but I told them that now they all have to come and stay with us soon!  Jeremy used to go there all the time as a kid, but the kids and I have never been, so it should be fun!  So, we are now looking for hotels, things to do, how to stay sane with 4 kids on a road trip, etc.  If any of you have tips on Chicago they are more than appreciated!

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