Tuesday, March 15, 2011

God is Good!

     We have had unexpected company for the past couple of days.  Even though the circumstances through which we acquired this company were horrible, we have enjoyed the extra giggles coming down the hallways!  My mother called Monday morning to say that she was at my brother's house because my little niece Prentiss took a tumble from the top bunk of her brothers' bed.  They are blessed with 4 little ones like us, and mom went to watch the older 3 while Matt and Kristen to her to the ER.  Mia had a fall like this, though not as far a fall, when she was almost 2 and ended up with a concussion.  The way my mom described Prentiss's reaction was the same as we had experienced with Mia (groggy, glazed eyes, not talking, sick to her stomach).  They did a CAT scan at the hospital and found a crack in base of her skull.  They sent her home a few hours later and she was talking and hungry by the time they left.  They go to our pediatrician today at 3 for a follow up, so please keep little Prentiss in your prayers.  It's amazing what a nasty turn our "everydays" can take in just a second.  I am so thankful for a Sovereign God who we know is in control! 
     On a lighter note, we got to have the cousins over on a school night!  Kenzie, Isaac, and Ezra came to play with us around 3 yesterday and stayed for supper.  Then they came back today so Prentiss can have as little stimulation as possible until they find out what the doctor says.  Kenzie and Mia are 8 months apart and Parker and Ezra are 10 weeks apart, so it's almost like if every kid I have has a twin when they are all together.  Jackson had a mysterious stomach ache at school about an hour ago and had to come home, but suddenly he feels much better.  Amazing, right?  So, we are surrounded by light sabers today, having a ball and just waiting for Mia to show up after school and join in!  I will update when we know more about Prentiss.  Thanks to all of you who read my crazy blog and pray for our family.  I love to see where all of you are from and would love to know about you, so leave me a comment sometime and tell me more!

The boys

The girls (minus sweet Prenny)

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  1. We are in NC but soon to be Nashville! We hope to see more of you guys in a few months! Love the blog. I always read it in Google reader so it may not track me. -jamie