Monday, March 7, 2011

A Much Needed Break!

     After an extremely long week Jeremy and I went to Huntsville for a little time away this weekend.  Once again I could not ask for a better husband!  Our heroes Nana and Grandma kept all the little ones so we could have this trip.  After our eventful morning on Friday all the kids slept in our room that night and went to bed by 9 p.m.  Everyone was exhausted!  It was pouring down rain when we woke up Saturday morning, but Jackson, Parker, and I decided to brave the floods to visit our local market.  We love Jack-O-Lantern farms and if you live around here you should stop by.  You can find all the information about them right here.  Mrs.Connie had made orange pound cakes so we were in luck!  We picked out stuff for lunch and headed back home. 
     Jeremy and I dropped the kids off after lunch and left around 1 p.m. for Huntsville.  We got tickets about a month ago to see Emmylou Harris (one of my faves) and John Prine (one of Jeremy's faves), so when Jeremy said we were also spending the night I was very excited.  No kids to wake me up, I get to eat my own food (while it's still hot), I get to converse wtih my husband without interruption . . . BLISS! 

     I tried to take pictures at the concert, but forgot my camera and the phone would not cooperate, but I did find the picture from the tour so that will have to do.  The concert was great and we left around 11 p.m.  We went back to our hotel and I slept until 6:30 a.m.!  That is late for me and it was so nice to wake up on my own with no thoughts of laundry, or medicine, or breakfast for 6!  We went out for a bite to eat and shopped around town a little bit.  Jeremy's love of the color brown has heavily influenced the way our home looks, and when I say heavily I mean the walls are brown, the floors are brown, the furniture is brown leather, you get the idea.  In fact, as I kissed him goodbye this morning I think his sweater was brown!  So, I found some springy (is that a word?) stuff at Michael's to lighten it up a little bit.

 (Note the brown in the background!)

     We got home around 1 p.m. and were very glad to see the kids.  As nice as it is to get away it's always nice to be home.  Years ago before we ever had kids, I would be so sad to have to leave vacation and come back home to the everyday stuff, but I am so glad to be home now.  Just another way God has worked in me and made me appreciate all the little blessings on this Earth!
     As we start this week we will be going back to Huntsville to a urologist with Everett.  His pediatrician pointed out that he may have a hernia a few weeks ago, so we are looking at potential surgery to correct it.  My prayer as we go today is that we will not need surgery and that it will heal on it's own, as I am told they sometimes do at this age.  I will post an update when I know more.  I know God will take care of little Everett either way, so I pray He will use whatever goes on today for His Glory.

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