Monday, March 7, 2011

Update on Everett

     I am now "that" mom.  You know the one.  The one that lets her kid run amock in the overcrowded  waiting room at the doctor's office.  I myself have smiled gracefully at this mom as her kids go crazy while I hold mine perfectly content on my lap and think "thank goodness it's not me".  Today it was me.  After an hour in a car seat and an hour in the doctor's waiting room I let Everett down from my lap to stretch his legs.  I think I just heard a collective gasp from everyone reading this.  If my husband (aka The GermX King) reads this he may just faint.  In my defense it was a urologist waiting room, so no room full of flu germs (no obvious ones anyway).  It was a tiny little sweatbox of a waiting room and the teenage girls sitting across from us did ask if he was walking yet.  What else could I do?  He showed out a little for these girls, then proceeded to clear the magazines from a table, dump out his diaper bag, and try to take an innocent bystander's video game.  Just before he started to show everyone how loud he could get they called our name.  The moral of this story is never say never, because it just might be you one day.  I just had to confess that before I moved on.
     When we finally saw the doctor we had some good news and some bad news.  The good news is he doesn't think it is going to require surgery.  The bad news is that he used the word "think" in the good news statement.  We will go back on March 24th for an ultrasound to see exactly how big of a space there is and decide what to do after that.  I am confident that my God can close that hole if He sees fit, and that is what I am praying for.  If we do have to have the surgery then it is supposed to be a lot easier at this age than waiting until later.  The best news is that this is a very minor situation in the grand scheme of things and that it does not seem to cause him any pain or have any other physical effects.  Thanks to everyone that is praying along with us!  It seems that our "baby monster", as his siblings so lovingly have nicknamed him, is going to keep us on our toes for a while!

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