Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Weekend

     We have had a wonderful weekend despite the dreaded "lose an hour" time change.  The weather has been perfect so we've been outside as much as possible.  Parker is our allergy sufferer, but so far the Zyrtec is doing it's job.  I don't really have anything extraordinarily exciting to write about, but I did want to get some things down about the kids before I forget them.
     Jackson and Mia have always been interested in reading, especially Jackson, but Parker has always turned his nose up at books.  Even when he was little he didn't like me to read to him.  He would take the book from my hand and throw it across the room!  Well, this week he has discovered his love of book.  No, that's not a typo.  He really likes letters and has known how to spell his name for a while, so I tricked him into reading  Alphabet Mystery (a book about a missing letter).  Well, he absolutely loved it.  He carried this book around all week so everyone he came in contact with could read it to him.  But, this is the only book he wants to read.  We have tempted him with every other title in our library, but he won't have them.  Baby steps and small victories, right? 
     Parker also has discovered we can make his name out of play dough, so that's a new favorite activity.  He will not, however, let anyone "squeeze" the red or green play dough.  It is still in the cylindrical shape that it came in.  Not that they haven't been played with plenty of times.  To an almost 4 year old they are  "Mario" and Luigi".  Together they battle Bowser and the Koopas, which are all the other blobs of dough.  If he thinks someone is about to take his beloved characters, he scoops them up and puts them back at home (their cans).

     Our "Every" is going to be an outdoorsman like the rest of the kids.  During the first round of nice weather we had he was pretty iffy about getting down in the grass, but this weekend he has loved it.  I think walking has really put a new spin on outside for him.  He has played ball and swung for 2 days straight!  If we have to come back in the house he just stands there, looking at the other kids, banging on the window, doing his best to say "outside".
     Speaking of walking, he is getting really good.  There is just one little quirk he has.  He walks with his arms straight up in the air.  When he was first learning he would reach out for whoever was waiting for him, and I guess the habit just stuck.  It's really funny when someone doesn't know and reaches out for him, just to have him turn around and go in the opposite direction!
     Jackson and Mia are now counting down the days until school is out for summer.  We haven't even had Spring Break, but they don't really care.  Jackson says he wishes they wouldn't even have Spring Break, and just get out a week earlier.  These 2 always have big plans for summer.  Some of it is doable, but a lot of their summer list looks like this: 1. Go to California   2. Go to Hawaii   3. Fly on a real rocket, you get the idea.  I am anxious to see how our list shapes up for this summer.  I'm sure their little minds are already reeling with wonderful plans!

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