Monday, March 28, 2011

Yard Sale!

     Saturday we had a yard sale with Nana and Aunt Kristen.  As much as I hate haggling over a $1 we needed to get rid of some stuff and also make a little Chicago money.  I got up around 4:30 a.m. and woke Jackson and Mia up around 5 a.m. so we could make it to the bookstore before 6 a.m.  My parents own Living Faith Bookstore in town, so luckily we had a huge building to use for our sale.  I say luckily because around 3 a.m. I heard it start to rain, and it rained and stormed all day long.   I figured we wouldn't have anybody show up, let alone at 6 a.m., but it never fails.  People were already there peeping in the windows when we arrived.  Kristen brought Kenzie and Isaac with her and the kids were all ready to make a buck.  Jackson and Mia skipped school on Friday to help set up and bake for the sale, which consisted of me baking for 2 days while they complained "hey, that's my favorite toy, don't sell it!".  They did manage to make a few signs and flyers for "their" bake sale.  At one point they figured out how to use the intercom system on the phone to make announcements to the entire store.  They did this until they got so loud and giggly we couldn't even understand them, then we unplugged the phone and hid it in the office.
     They had fun running around all day.  Eventually Pop got there and then it was total madness!  Every kid loves Pop because he rarely says no and usually breaks all our "mom" rules.  Matt and Jeremy got there with the 4 little kids about the same time as Pop.  They played hide-n-seek until I think most of our customers were scared away.  We closed up shop around noon, grabbed some lunch, and went home for the rest of our rainy afternoon.  The next thing I knew Parker was sulking down the stairs saying that Jackson and Mia wouldn't play with him and wouldn't keep their eyes open!  I guess getting up an hour earlier than usual entitles a 9 and 6 year old to a 3 hour afternoon nap!  All in all we did really well at the sale.  We got rid of tons of excess and made a few dollars for Spring Break.

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