Monday, April 4, 2011

Adventure at Bear Creek

This blog has been brought to you by Jackson Graham Robison, age 9.

     Me, Max, Aliee, Maggie, Addison, and Graham all went to Bear Creek for a picnic.Then after lunch we discovered a creek which then Max discovered a rope swing over the creek and I fell into the water 2 times and I had to swim back and the water was freezing cold.  I brought two guns to play with and Max brought one too.  We did not see any fish, but that was probably because the water was so muddy and black.  All of us got our hands and feet really muddy and for some of us the back of our pants.  Aliee did not want to get dirty and Addison did not really mind but Aliee got more dirty than Addison. After that we went to Cave Spring. There we saw a real live bear cave, but there were no bears. Me and Max and Graham found dirt dobber nests. Then we all went home almost.  Aliee, Graham, and Addison went home. We went to Sonic and got blue coconut slushies. Well that's all there is to our adventure. Thank you for reading this and my mom's blog.

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  1. Jackson, I loved your post! Sounds like y'all had a blast. Great pictures, too!

    And thank you so much for my sweet letter! I loved the package for G.C. and Virginia. I miss you and everyone else!