Saturday, April 2, 2011

Birthdays, Weddings, & Spring Break Planning

     What's that?  Oh, that's the beginning of my Spring Break packing list.  Wait, what's that that's marked out?  Why, it's the entire list of baby stuff!  Nana has graciously offered to keep Everett while we are on our Griswoldesque trip to Illinois.  We would much rather Nana and Pop come with us, but it's not looking like they will be able to.  By keeping Everett, Nana has just saved us countless hours of pit stops, diaper changes and 1 year old melt downs.  Not that we won't miss him, but we always seem to take the kind of vacations that you need to take a vacation from after you're done.  It's non stop from sunup to sundown and beyond.  Not to mention the high in Chicago this week was 35 degrees.  That's right, we will spend Spring Break bundled in coats and scarves dashing from site to site trying to squeeze as much culture and excitement in as we possibly can.  We have booked our hotel and are in the final stages of planning our itinerary, which means I have painstakingly mapped out our destinations and times to the minute and Jeremy will look it over and totally try to rearrange it, only to see that my way is the best way and end up back where we started.  Sometimes we have to go through this process more than once, but he always concedes in the end.
      This weekend we celebrated our cousin Emma's birthday at the YMCA in Florence.  The kids got to swim for the first time since last summer, so they were very excited.  Everett was decked out in his swim duds, but wouldn't let go of his daddy, so he pretty much just looked cute all evening.  The others had a blast.  Jackson swims like a fish, and I expect Mia to be doing just as well soon enough.  Parker is very funny about the water.  He doesn't really like to "get in" as much as he likes to put his feet in and splash the passers by, but has a fit when they splash him back.  It doesn't really deter him though.  They had pizza and cake, then the older 3 got to go home with Grandma and spend the night.  The high school has a pancake breakfast fund raiser about this time every year, so they always spend the night and go the next morning.  Needless to say they were worn out when they got home!

     Our sunny weather is back for the weekend so we got to play outside.  One of my best friends from childhood got married at the beach last weekend, so they had a reception at Doublehead Resort in Town Creek, Alabama on Saturday afternoon.  Our families have always been very close.  In fact, we call her mom Aunt Leesa.  Sarah is the friend I always got in trouble with.  The friend that I would stay up late watching Freddy Krueger movies with.  We fell in love with New Kids on the Block together, cried over boys together, got dressed up for proms together.  This list could go on for miles.  The resort where the reception took place is on the water so the kids had a great time running around.  Avery (one of Mia's best friends from school) was there, so she was very excited.  Sarah looked beautiful in her dress. Her husband AJ graduated high school with me and Jeremy, so we got to see lots of familiar faces.  I love to go to weddings, and the rest of the family loves to go to the receptions, so we got the best of both worlds this weekend.  I got to see a sweet couple in their first weeks of marital bliss, and everyone else got cake!

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  1. Thank goodness for Nanas! I don't know what I would do without our Nana!!