Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Missing Easter

A warning before you begin.  If you have a weak stomach you do not want to read this post.  My point of writing down all the details is that hopefully we will look back on this one day and laugh, right?  Right?

     It has been an eventful week around our house to say the least.  As I begin to blog this morning I am exhausted.  Looking over my shoulder, in Jeremy's office, is the mountain of clean laundry we have been filtering through the washer and dryer and dumping in the floor for lack of a better (or should I say more sanitary?) place to put it.  My entire house smells like clorox and lysol.  I have scrubbed down countertops, bathrooms, toys, floors, kids, etc.  You name it, it has been thoroughly cleansed and disinfected.  Everyone in our house, except for Jeremy, has had a nasty round of the stomach virus.  Of course the GermX King has almost made himself sick in anticipation of being the next victim. 
     It really began about a week ago when Parker climbed up in MY bed  in the middle of the night only to puke all over me, Jeremy, and every square inch of the bedspread.  We got everyone and everything cleaned up and Parker and I weathered the night together.  24 hours later he was feeling much better.  We thought we were in the clear, but a few days later it was Everett's turn.  If you have ever had a 14 month old with the stomach bug, then you know what a fun job I had for the day.  Jeremy came home from work and Everett and I spent the day holed up in my room.  Again, it didn't last long, but I hated these boys felt so puny.  We finally emerged from that round with our fingers crossed that it would pass over the rest of us. 
     We spent Saturday morning baking for Easter Sunday, dyeing eggs, playing outside, and basically just having a fabulous day of no sickness.  Jeremy and I dropped the kids off with Grandma that afternoon so they could dye eggs there and play a while.  We went out to dinner and talked about our game plan for Sunday morning.  We knew we didn't want to take Everett to class after just being sick, and really didn't want to put Parker back in so quickly either.  I teach Parker's class with mom and we were doing class pictures that morning, so I needed to be there for small group hour.  Jeremy's mom was meeting us for the service, so he wanted to be there then.  So, Jeremy would stay home with the little boys while I took Jackson and Mia to small group, then we would swap so Jeremy could go to the service with the big kids and Grandma.  That would also give me a jump start on getting lunch ready.  The perfect plan.  I mean, how naive can 2 adults really be?  We also talked about how we were glad that at least the "messy" part was out of the way.  At least if Jackson or Mia get it they can make it to the bathroom before they get sick, right? At least this was our positive thought on the situation.   

     After the kids got home Saturday, Mia lost a tooth.  Her third tooth, but the first one that she didn't lose at school.  It took about an hour of me trying to talk her into letting me pull it, her trying to pull it herself, and her crying (when she thought if would never come out) that she "was going to look weird on Easter", but it finally came out.  Then, of course, she was going to have the best Easter ever because the Tooth Fairy was also going to visit that night.
      A few hours after the kids had gone to bed that night we heard footsteps coming down the stairs and that feeling of dread once again took over.  It's Jackson,  He's sick.  He did not, in fact, make it to the bathroom.  We strip beds, start the washer (again) and monitor him the rest of the night.  Sometime, in the midst of all the chaos, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy both manage to make stops at our house.
     Sunday morning finally comes.  Easter.  I wake up around 6 and I already feel awful.  I break the news to Jeremy and he scrambles out of the room.  Before he leaves I tell him to call my mom and tell her we won't be there for class, and to take pictures of the kids getting their baskets.  Mia, Parker, and Everett sifted through their surprises while Jackson and I spent the day in bed.  Mia got new markers and stickers in her basket, so she made me a Happy Easter/Sorry You're Sick picture and slipped it under my door ☺.  And then there were 2.

     Mia got sick Sunday night.  She also did not make it to the bathroom.  I don't think everyone's sheets and comforters have ever been this clean.  I was just beginning to feel better when Jeremy brought her to my room.  I'm afraid she did get the worst of it.  She was sick all night long and into Monday morning.  We were both up all night (again). 
     I have never been more thankful for Confederate Memorial Day in my life!  This is one of the random holidays observed by the state, which means Jeremy was off on Monday.  Jackson felt better and had a good 24 puke-free hours under his belt, so he went to school on Monday.  I got up and spread the word to our car pool about what was going on and then Mia and I spent the morning in bed.  I finally got up around noon and began the cleaning regimen.  I actually looked up the definition of regimen.  It is a program to improve health.  Pretty fitting, huh?  Short of dunking the actual members of our family in clorox, everything else we can possibly do to sanitize this place has been done.
     So, here we are on Tuesday.  Mia is just beginning to feel better and is still out of school.  Everyone else is back to normal, with the exception of a very tired momma.  I know this post is a little in depth, but it is something our family will definitely always remember so I wanted to get it all down.  We "missed" Easter, but remember the fact that our Mighty Savior is risen for us.  I am thankful this morning that I can take care of my family in a home that sits in a country where we are free to express our love for Christ.  I am so very thankful that as bad as our struggles on this Earth may seem, it's not near what we deserve, and it's not just His death, but His resurrection that gives us hope and joy during these trials. 


  1. You might have us beat for the worst weekend. Allie broke her leg Saturday night and after reading your post I feel a little less sorry for us. Hope everything gets back to normal soon. :)

  2. Ugh! I'm so glad y'all are better! Sorry for the bad weekend...especially over a holiday that we like to spend with our families!
    Yes...one day we'll laugh about cleaning up puke in the middle of the night. I swear, Addie always pukes in the middle of the night.
    Oh...and she has the most sensitive gag ever. It's nothing for me to clean up puke any and everywhere...like Sunday morning (Easter) when Grace (my sis) picked her up and Addie threw up...all down her dress and on Grace. Why? She coughed funny and her it came...seriously, she'll out grow that, right?