Monday, April 18, 2011

Pop's Birthday Bash

     One good thing that came from our cancelled trip last week was that we were home to spend dad's birthday with him.  He is now known around our house as Pop.  Everyone came to our house to celebrate.  We almost always grill out for his birthday and that's what we did last Thursday. Pop is everybody's favorite.  We live just a few yards away from my parents and every time the kids are outside they always look to see is Pop's truck is home.  He is the one that will stay outside all day and night with them.  The one that invites them to help him plant flowers.  The one that lets them stay up all night long watching TV.  The one that waits out in the dark with them looking for armadillos and coyotes.  I'm sure he never dreamed that almost 10 years ago when he held his first grandson that now he would have 8 little monkeys hanging all over him.  Even Everett is starting to favor Pop over everyone else in the room.  My dad is one of the most humble and giving people I know and I thank God for that.  He has taught me a million things in this life, but most of all how to live a life devoted to Christ.  Happy birthday to the best Pop on the planet!

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