Monday, May 2, 2011

Bring the Rain

     By now most of the country knows about the devastating storms that blew through many Alabama towns last Wednesday.  I have often heard that pictures don't do justice to the destruction that is there, and I can now say that that is true.  My mom and I traveled to Hamilton, where my grandparents live, on Saturday and we drove through Hackleburg.  I have never in my life seen anything like it.  The trees were layed over like someone had stomped them with a giant foot, all perfectly bent the same direction.  Some of them were actually stripped of their bark.  There were piles of debris where houses had stood.  As we drove along, I saw a broken light saber in a ditch, and couldn't help but wonder if the child it belonged to had survived the storms.  I have heard horror stories of ambulances piled with bodies, children without parents, people who were right next to each other during the worst of it, but one survived and the other did not.  It is truly horrific. If you have ever seen pictures from a war, that is the closest comparison I can think of.  The thought that played over and over in my mind as we drove was how grateful I am that it wasn't closer to us that Wednesday afternoon. I also thought of people that have no faith in the God of Heaven, and how utterly hopeless it must be to see so much wretchedness and desolation all around and be totally hopeless.  I know that He will bring glory to His name through this disaster, and I pray that those without faith will find a trust in Him.

The tree below was left standing, but was totally stripped of it's bark.

The next 2 photos are what used to be the Wrangler distribution center.  It was totally destoryed.


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