Friday, May 6, 2011

Everett Gone Wild!

     I don't know what has come over my sweet little 14 month old, but he is awful!  And I mean that in the nicest way possible.  He has always been a climber, but he is also a jumper, a screamer, a biter, and an emptier of anything that can be emptied.  He reminds me so much of Mia.  He never walks anymore, he runs everywhere he goes.  He wants to disassemble anything he can, just to see if he can.  He empties wipe boxes, diaper stackers, toy bins, purses, and until Jeremy put locks on the doors, kitchen cabinets.  He not only climbs onto Parker's bed, but he jumps off of it.  And it's not so much jumping as it is hurling himself onto the floor.  He does this over and over, usually with one or more of his siblings cheering him on, which of course makes him want to keep doing it.  He has a mouth full of teeth (12 to be exact) and biting is his new favorite.  He doesn't do it all the time, but he seems to think it's very funny when he does it.  I am usually on the receiving end of this new hobby.  He loves to be held, and will often wait until you pick him up and then point to where he wants you to take him.  He has also learned how to throw, and everything that he throws is aptly named "ball".  It's usually a weeble and he's usually throwing it at someone, but he always smiles and says "ball".  He loves outside and is trying his best to say it, but for now it's just "out".  He is really enjoying his time with Parker now that he's old enough to play.  Parker will start preschool 3 days a week in the fall, and I know Everett will miss him so badly.  I remember Mia, then Parker, being the only one at home during the day, and even though it's fun to be with mom by yourself, you miss having a buddy to hang out with.  In just the past few months it seems Everett has "grown up".  We have done away with the bottles, the formula, the baby food, and the paci during the day.  Once again we are baby free except for diapers.  We have had diapers in our house for almost 10 years!  Jeremy might just throw a party when we are actually a diaper free house!  As wild as Everett has been lately, he is a sweet, tenderhearted boy and we all adore him.  I wouldn't change that wild boy for anything!

This used to be a magazine.

Hates to have dirty hands, but that marker must have tasted good!

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  1. These pictures are hilarious! Sounds like he keeps you on your toes. I have a feeling that's how Collier is going to be too; he never sits still unless he's sleeping and he seems like he's going to have a mischievious streak to him!