Thursday, May 19, 2011

Field Day & Picnic Day

     You know you're getting old when just watching field day makes you tired.  Or maybe it was running back and forth from field day to the kindergarten picnic.  Either way, I'm worn out!  We started the morning freezing to death on the football field at McBride for field day.  It was supposed to be mid 80's today, but at 8:30 in the morning it was still mid 60's and windy.  We always pray for a mild-weathered field day and we sure got it this time!  It did eventually warm up, but not nearly as hot as it usually is.  Jackson's class had 4 events to participate in plus 2 individual events.  They won the hula hoop relay, the egg and spoon race, and got 2nd place in the dizzy izzy.  They also won their first round of tug-of-war, but lost the 2nd time around.  Jackson got 1st place in the long jump.  I told him when he finished that I never knew he was such a good jumper, to which he replied, "Neither did I, I just signed up for it."  He also placed 12th in the 3rd grade when he ran his mile a few weeks back, so we may have a future track star on our hands.  Jackson's always been a brain, but I wouldn't put it past him to excel in all kinds of things.  He's always so serious, so it's nice to see him on a day like this, just running around crazy, acting his age.

Hunter, Jacob, Jackson, and Blake

 Ke, Cavan, Blake, Jackson, Ty, and Kaitlynn

 Sack Racing

 Logan, Jackson, Cavan, Meredith, and Jess

 1st Place!


     Somewhere in the middle of all the field day action I met up with Mia's kindergarten class at Gattman Park for their end of the year picnic.  They got to play in the splash pad, so they were very excited.  I brought popsicles and they had lunch there as well.  She has really gotten close to the little girls in her class and she has BIG plans this summer for all of them.  As I was snapping pics today of all the snaggle tooth 6 year old smiles, I couldn't help but think it won't be long until we're snapping pics of them in graduation gowns.  But for now they are having a ball just being kids!

Popsicle break

Sammi and Mia at the Splash Pad

Sammi, Ashlyn, Abby, Mia, and Maudie

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