Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Long, Hot Field Trip

     We just got back from a field trip with Jackson's class, and we almost melted!  They started the morning touring the Alabama Music Hall of Fame and Ivy Green (Helen Keller's birthplace) in Tuscumbia, and then they ended the afternoon with lunch at Spring Park.  I met them for lunch and brought waters and gatorades, which they dove right into.  Jackson said they had a good time at the first two stops.  They did a scavenger hunt at the hall of fame and got to record Sweet Home Alabama, which we are supposed to get a copy of.  I can just imagine this will be the anthem we play over and over in the car this summer, so if you see a blue van driving down the road, blaring what sounds like a 3rd grade edition of this song, it's just us.  When I was in high school some friends worked at the hall of fame and we would go out there all the time just to hang out.  I told Jackson this, but he doesn't believe me.  Surprise.  What is it about 3rd grade boys questioning everything you tell them?  He said Ivy Green was "the same it's always been".  Growing up right next to it does take away some of the awe of being in such a historic place.  My sister also used to play Helen Keller in the summer production of  The Miracle Worker so everyone in our family really has been there a million times.  My parents actually lived right across the street from Ivy Green for a few years, so we could sit on their porch and hear the play in the summer time.  The park was fun, but hot, hot, HOT!  It's hard to imagine it getting much hotter, but it always does.  Alabama heat is kind of like being in an oven with a pot of boiling water.  The minute you step outside you are sticky.  I have lived here all my life, and I never get used to it.  It seems to be worse every year!  Anyway, the park has a roller coaster, a carousel, a splash pad, and a train.  On a normal day you have to pay to ride all of these (the main reason we don't go to this park much), but they gave all the kids armbands for the day, so they rode until they dropped.  Jackson best friend Max's class went today as well, so they hung out most of the time (he's in the blue shirt above).  After what seemed like forever, it was finally time to pick Mia up, so we loaded our car, turned the air on full blast, and headed out.  It was a fun day and so nice to have so many places to visit in our little piece of Alabama.  We still have a few outdoor trips before school's out, so at least we'll be nice and tan for summer!

Jackson and Blake above and eating snow cones below.

Jackson and Trey (aka David and Goliath)

Waiting for snow cones.

Riding the train with friends.  The only way to catch a breeze!

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  1. It is so crazy hot already...how will we ever make it? That is why I like the fall so much...bring on a break in this heat and humidity...well, and football!