Monday, May 16, 2011

Maggie Mondays

     Mondays at our house have become known as "Maggie Mondays".  Our dear friends and neighbors, the Puckett's, have 2 children.  Max, who is Jackson's best friend, and Maggie, who is Parker's age.  Aimee (their mom) teaches preschool in Florence, and Maggie doesn't have class on Monday, so she comes over to play with Parker.  He gets so excited when he realizes it's Monday and Maggie gets to come play with us.  By now Everett gets excited too.  She started coming to play in September and today is her last day to stay with us.  We were hoping it would be a nice day to play outside, but it's cold and rainy here, so we will have to make other plans.  Parker and Maggie have gotten along well (most of the time), and it is really been a help to me to have her here on busy Mondays when I'm trying to turn the house right side up again after the weekend.  By August Parker and Maggie will both be in preschool, but I'm sure we can still find time to play.

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