Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day All Weekend Long

     I'm a little less cranky on this Monday morning because of the wonderful weekend I spent with my family.  We began Mother's "Day" on Friday when the kids got home from school.  Jackson and Mia had both made me something.  To be so much alike, surprises is where Jackson and I differ.  Mia, on the other hand, is totally like me and hates to be surprised, so she let me open her gifts as soon as she walked in the door.  Actually she was shoving them in my face as soon as she got in the car, but I told her I couldn't unwrap and drive at the same time.  She painted a vase of flowers (I thought it was an octopus until she rolled her eyes and told me it was upside down), drew a Georgia O'Keeffe inspired flower, and took a mom survey which included a portrait of me.  I can always tell when the kids start these kind of projects because they come home with random questions like "What do you call your job?" and "What do you like to do in your free time?" (like I have free time ☺).  She is quite the artist and all her gifts were wonderful.

Mia said my hair had to be big to cover up my ears. She tried to draw ears, but they looked like a monkey.

     Friday night was First Friday in Florence, so we went to eat at Rosie's and walked around downtown.  The kids stood in line to get balloon animals.  Everett had a fit to get down and pet every single dog that passed by.  I had also discovered that the new cupcake place was now open, so we detoured there before we left.  Jeremy's mom was going to be out of town on Mother's Day, so we took her gift by and visited for a little while before going home. 
     Saturday morning Jeremy got up early to go to work for a while, and the rest of us slept late.  That's right, I said slept LATE!  When I woke up I looked at the clock and it said 7:30!  Even Everett must have been exhausted, because he was still sleeping at 8:00.  We made breakfast and got dressed to do some running around.  By the time all 5 of us were ready Jeremy called and was on his way home. While we waited for him Everett discovered the blue bike.  It was Jackson's first bike and it has a passenger seat.  He ran over to it and hopped on the back, just waiting for someone to drive him around.  Of course all the kids had to take a turn being the driver for him.  He loved it!

Yes, those are technically gas jugs behind him, but they are only used for water for Jeremy's fish tank customers.  I could just hear the comments about the horrible mother letting her kids play by 1,000 gallons of gas!

     Our first stop was to get some flowers at the local plant shop.  We needed to replace some that hadn't survived the winter and get some for our new planters (my Mother's day gift from Jeremy).  Next we went to Jack-O-Lantern farms to pick up some goodies for lunch.  No blueberries yet, but Mrs. Connie had made some strawberry bread, so we got that along with some strawberries, cucumbers, apples, and tomatoes.  The kids go with me to this market for one reason only.  Honey straws.  They sell their honey by the jar, but they also have it in long plastic straws for a quarter.  My kids live for these! 
     We went home and grilled some hot dogs for lunch to go with our market finds.  Everett was tired after our busy morning, so he took his nap while the rest of us got busy in the yard.  It wasn't long before the kids were "burning up" and asked if they could go swim at Nana and Pop's.  My parents live just a couple of lots down from us (keep in mind they're empty lots, so basically next door), so the kids waited to see Pop's truck pull up and raced over to check the pool.  It was 71 degrees.  They got in anyway and swam a while with their teeth chattering.  My sister, Carley, was going to prom that night, so we got to see her all dressed up before they left.  Mom and Mia went to take pictures with her and her friends, and the rest of us went home.  Parker started watching TV and the next minute I looked over and he was asleep on the couch.  We grilled chicken with my parents for supper and spent the rest of the night playing, getting baths, and getting things ready for church the next morning.

     Sunday came, and Jackson finally let me open my presents.  He had made a mom survey as well, but it was more like a book.  All the kids know my favorite color is green, so they both drew me with a green shirt in their portraits!  He had also made me a coaster which he had drawn and colored.  These are my favorite kinds of presents! 

     We got ready and got to church a little early so I could get my class's gifts ready for their moms.  We made towels with their handprints and I had embroidered "Happy Mother's Day" on them.  Parker is in my class, so I got one too!  I knew when we went to lunch that everybody was going to want to change into play clothes, so I got mom to take our picture at church before everybody went to class.  Mom, Parker, and Ezra matched so well that we snapped a picture of them together.

Parker almost always makes this face when we ask him to smile for a picture. Jeremy calls it his Stevie Wonder face.

     My mom's parents came to eat lunch with us, which my dad had had catered.  What a blessing to not have to cook lunch on Mother's Day!  I had good intentions of getting a picture of me, my mom, and Mamaw, but things got so crazy that I never did.  It's always wild with all 8 kids running around, but we always have a blast.  After lunch the kids swam and played for a while.  When we all got home Everett laid down and then I took a nap.  Yes, you heard it right, a nap!  N. A. P.  I haven't done this since, well, probably last Mother's Day. 
     We spent the rest of the evening playing outside and just enjoying the warm weather.  It really was a wonderful weekend.  Weekends like this have us counting down the days until summer vacation (13 to be exact).  If we can survive the million things we have left to do at school I think we just might make it!

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  1. what a great Mother's Day! My favorite color is green, too!