Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mr. McGregor's Farm

     Today we went to Mr. McGregor's farm with Mia's class.  This field trip has been rescheduled 3 times because of all the stormy weather lately, so this was our last chance to go before school gets out for the summer.  It was right around 90 degrees and not a cloud in the sky, so the kids were thrilled they were finally getting to go.  The place we went is actually called McGee Farms and it is wonderful.  We have been going there for years, ususally in the fall when it's a pumpkin patch, but this is the first time we've been in the Spring.  They do a whole day designed around the story of Peter Rabbit.  They started out listening to the story, then they got to taste some of the vegetables the rabbits were eating from the garden.  We were so lucky to be there today because a baby goat had been born just yesterday, so the kids got to pet him.  This would be animal #1 Mia would ask to take home with her.  After that we went on a hay ride to Mr. "McGregor's" field, and the kids got to crawl under the fence, just like the rabbits did.  It was so cute!  After Mr. McGee told them all about the crops that were there Mr. McGregor came over and gave them a sunflower seed to plant.  They took little plastic shovels and rakes and planted their seeds in his garden.  They also got to pull up a carrot and they thought that was such hard work.  We left the garden to go plant our own seedlings, which the kids got to take home.  They decorated  their own cup, filled it with dirt, and put their plant in.  Mia would have decorated her cup forever, so I had to promise her she could finish the artsy part at home.  The kids got to milk cows also, but the cows were plywood, the udders were plastic, and the milk was water.  The kids didn't care, they used the water to spray each other since it was so hot outside.  We took a break for lunch and had some interesting conversations about Hannah Montana and learning how to swim under water this summer.  After that the kids got to learn about an incubator and hold a baby chick (animal #2 that Mia wanted to bring home).  They also got to see the big goats and feed them (you guessed it, #3).  The kids were exhausted by the time we got back to the school, but they were glad to have gone.

Mr. McGregor handing out seeds to plant in his garden.