Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Roller Skating Choir Celebration

     Tonight was our church skating party for all the children's choirs.  They invited the kids that would be joining in next time also, which is Parker's class.  I guess I just wasn't really thinking about it with so much going on here at the end of school, but I almost cried when I saw his little "Welcome to Joyful Noise" card in the mail.  I can not believe he is old enough to be in bells!  Joyful Noise is the preschool and kindergarten choir.  Very fitting if you have ever heard them perform!  They mostly play bells, but sometimes they sing too.  They all have different colored bells and the teacher holds up the card with their color on it when they are supposed to ring it.  It's all set to music and usually works out pretty well.  Occasionally they have an extremely ambitious ringer who nearly gives the kid in front of him a concussion, but they learn to duck fast.  Jackson and Mia are in the older choir called Raising Praise.  They have a play during the year and usually a couple of concerts too.  Jackson has not actively participated in choir since 1st grade.  It's more of a crowd issue than a singing issue.  Truly, we can't shut him up at home.  He's always making up a song or humming or something along those lines.  Jeremy and I have talked about it, and we don't really want to push the "extracurricular" church activities.  The kids know we got to small group and church, but if they don't want to get on a stage and sing, it's no big deal.  We try to teach them that there are many ways to worship, and singing is just one of them. If it's not their gift, then it's not their gift. 
     Mia will be moving up from bells, which she is very excited about.  After all of her older friends left last year she kind of shied away from it, so I know she'll be glad to be back in class with them.  They all had a great time tonight.  Jackson is pretty steady on his skates, but Mia is another story.  She spent most of her night hanging on to her friends, who in turn were hanging on to her, and then they would all fall down laughing.  Parker took one look at the big kids and said he didn't even want to put skates on.  I was a little surprised since he was so gung ho about ice skating a few months back, but most of the kids from his class were just running around and playing video games, so they had fun.  He remembered immediatley that I had mentioned pizza, so he took Jeremy to the concession counter and wolfed down a slice.  Everett was everywhere.  He didn't care who was about to trip over him, he was just running for the sake of running.
     Since Mia wasn't too swift I got some good pictures of her and her friends, but I barely managed to get any of Jackson.  He did finally sit down to eat and I got one or two, but the rest of the night he was off with his buddies.  It really makes me feel old that my kids are now going to the places I went as a kid.  In a way it seems like yesterday, then again it seems like ages ago.  6 more school days and I'm hoping our pace will slow down drastically.  I'm talking sleeping in, pj days, the works.  Of course, none of this ever happens, but I do love to daydream about it!

Jackson and Kenzie ready to skate!

 Maudie and Mia busted at the same time, then yelled at me for taking their picture.

 Mia, Parker, and Jackson sitting down for pizza.

This was taken just as Mia dropped her pizza and Parker was told he couldn't have another slice.  Priceless.


 Everett relaxing

 Mia, Maudie, and Abby

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