Friday, May 20, 2011

Same Park, Different Class

     Today was Jackson's turn at the splash pad.  McBride had their picnic at Gattman Park, and it was much hotter than the one yesterday.  The school isn't far from the park so the kids walked to it from school around 8:30 this morning to start playing.  I thought kindergarteners were hard to get pictures of, but 3rd grade boys were even more difficult.  I only got 3, and 2 of them were when the boys came to ask me for snack money, and I wouldn't give them any until I got a picture.  We had lots of party money left from our class so I picked up pizza for the kids and another mom brought cupcakes. 
     After lunch I talked Jackson into checking out (only by promising he could swim at Nana's), so he played hard and we were out of there by 12:30.  Mia checked out a little early also and all the cousin's got to swim at Nana's this afternoon.  Keep in mind the water is still only 75 degrees.  I think these kids could be polar bears!  3 more days of school left and it's SUMMER!

Parker as Silver Surfer

His favorite thing to do at the pool is shoot everyone with this gun.  NOBODY likes it!

 Everett tired after the pool, but he loves the basketball.

Almost out

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