Sunday, June 26, 2011

Breaking in New Toys

     We took the plunge and bought a new minivan this weekend.  We had been talking about it for a while and everything just fell into place, so we are now the proud new owners (some prouder than others) of a Honda Odyssey.  So long, Old Blue, Hello . . . well, we haven't really named this one yet.  It's a version of red, which is very close to crimson, which just happens to be Jeremy's beloved Tide's color, so I think you can see where this is going.  Yes, we have already affixed our Alabama tag to the front.  I see some tailgating in our near future, even if it is in our driveway on game day!  Jeremy has a love of minivans (yes he drove one for a brief period in high school), so he is pumped.  He actually curled up with the owner's manual for several hours one night.  That's the most I've seen him read in ages!  Enough about my old lady, soccer mom mobile. 

     Saturday morning Jeremy, Pop, and the big 3 kids took their new fishing rods out to Pop's pond to see what they could catch.  What a good husband to remember to ask for the camera before they left!  Jeremy and Pop didn't even get to fish for the first hour or so because the kids were doing so well.  Mia actually caught a huge grass carp.  Jeremy said as soon as Parker saw it come out of the water he threw his pole down and ran for the hills!  Every time after that Parker would ask if he was going to "catch the big one".  They had a great time with all their new gear and came home around lunchtime.

Pop's pond

Getting started.  Notice Parker's stance.  Everything's a sword to this boy!

    In other news, our garden is starting to produce.  We have had rain almost everyday this past week, and our plants have almost doubled in size.  I can't wait until everything is ready to pick and eat.  Jeremy added some pumpkin seeds about a week ago, so we're hoping to have our own patch by October.

Houston, we have a squash!

     As much as we love the rain, we're hoping it will ease up a little this coming week.  Last week was the first week of the summer that we didn't have any plans, so the rain only inhibited out spontaneous urges to swim at Nana's, but Mia starts Day Camp at church on Tuesday, and they will go somewhere different every day.  If the weather will cooperate the boys and I will try to tag along on some of their adventures.  As the kids are getting older they are doing more things on their own, and it is KILLING me not to be there to snap pictures!  I pray, as always, that God will work in the hearts of these little ones as they venture out to wherever they may go this week. 
     June's as good as gone and our summer is going great!  Half of our "to do this Summer" list has been checked off, but we have many more adventures planned for July.  As school draws closer I am praying that all 3 kids will have the teacher they need, and kids that they can show Christ to in their classes.  Jackson already has his supply list for 4th grade.  I have it pinned on my cork board and I cringe every time I catch a glimpse of it as I walk past.  I hope the rest of our summer goes slower, but I have a sneaking suspicion that nothing will ever slow down again!

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