Sunday, June 19, 2011

He May be an Outdoorsman Yet . . .

     We have had a wonderful Father's Day weekend with all the dad's in our family.  We got started with our gift giving Saturday.  The kids all love to ride bikes, but Jeremy doesn't have one of his own. About a month ago we decided that a bike would be the perfect Father's Day gift for Jeremy.  Of course after we agreed on the gift I told the kids not to say anything to their dad.  The minute he walks through the door that night, Mia starts asking him what his favorite color bike is.  She's just like me.  Can't keep a secret in for long.  So, we let that die down and I didn't say anything else about it to the kids.  Jackson is the only one that knew about it ahead of time.  He's our vault.  I got the bike and hid it in my parent's garage until yesterday.  Just my luck, Matt and Jeremy found "the bike" a couple of days ago rummaging around in the garage, but neither of them knew whose it was.  While Jeremy was out yesterday I went down and got the bike and we put ribbons on it and rolled it to our driveway.  I called Jeremy when I thought he'd be getting close to home so we could be waiting on him to drive up and see his new prize.  The kids loved surprising him.  Or almost surprising him (since he had technically already seen it)!

     Now, if you know Jeremy then you know being outside with all the dirt and critters is not really his thing, but he does try hard to enjoy it.  Well, we are bound and determined to turn him into an outdoorsman.  I guess growing up going camping with my family, it never occurred to me that every family didn't do this.  Well, Jeremy did not grow up in the great outdoors.  For his second surprise I got him and the 3 big kids fishing rods.  We also got him a tackle box and a new hat.  He does love to fish, so that's a start!  The kids also made him some cards and Mia gave him a flashlight.  We grilled steaks at mom and dad's for lunch after church and everybody ate, swam, and had a great day.

     My dad (aka Pop) is every kid's favorite.  I love getting to see my kids spend time with him, and see him enjoy them as well.  He has some land not far from home that the kids all love to go fish and camp on.  In fact, Pop got lots of new camping goodies for Father's Day this year, so I see a trip in their near future. He was always the kind of dad that would really spend a lot of time with us when we were little, and that has carried on to our kids.  As a kid, I can remember swinging on the swing set in the backyard for hours with my dad, and now that's one of my kids favorite things to do with him!  I'm also proud to say that I married a man that loves to spend time with his kids.  Jeremy is always teaching them something new, or showing them how to do something.  As a father of mostly sons, he's wrapped around Mia's little finger.  She wants to be an artist, so luckily this is also one of her dad's talents that he can share with her.
     I am so blessed to have a dad and a husband to my children that are Godly examples of what men should be.  I can not imagine the burden that's placed on men to be the leader of the family.  I am also grateful that this is not a task taken lightly by the men in my family.  Growing up I didn't always appreciate my dad, but being a parent now, I am so thankful for him being faithful to follow God's plan.  I hope all of our children, but especially our sons, see God working through Jeremy to lead our family where He wants us to be.  Our children are also very lucky to be able to have lots of great granddads that they are able to get to know.  I pray that as our sons grow up that God would work in their hearts and lives, and that they in turn would listen to His plan for them.  Happy Father's Day to all the great dad's in my life!

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