Monday, June 6, 2011

Just Summer Stuff

     Our lazy days of summer are here and we are thoroughly enjoying them!  I think the kids have been in one pool or another everyday since school got out, which brings me to our big news.  We now have 2 swimmers in the family.  Mia's friend Maudie had a pool party for her birthday last week and Mia was determined to learn to swim for it.  And she did!  At first she would only swim on top of the water (really just trying to make it to the other side "before she dies").  But now, she is all over the pool with us, playing games, jumping in, even trying to learn how to do flips.  Her cousin Kenzie also learned to swim this week so we have little swimmers everywhere!  2 down, 2 to go.  If we ever get that darn water gun out of Parker's hand it will be a miracle!
    I took Jackson and Mia to the library to sign up for the summer reading program on Friday afternoon.  Little did I know the program starts at 2 years old, so we signed Parker up too.  Jackson has already read 2 chapter books since he's been out of school.  Some of my favorite times are just the 2 of us sitting outside on the porch swing reading our books.  Jeremy has an aversion to the written word, so I'm glad Jackson is a book worm like me.  Mia is doing extremely well with her reading.  She checked out some 1st and 2nd grade level readers and didn't need much help at all.  When the kids fill up their book list we can turn them back in to the library and they will get a T-shirt and a ticket to the end of summer magic show.

     Saturday afternoon we had our first annual neighborhood block party.  There were about 30 of us that came and we swam and ate dinner together.  We are lucky to be in a place with lots of families that have kids our kids ages, so there is always someone around to play with (or a mom to borrow an egg or a cup of sugar from).  It was fun but hot, hot, HOT!  Everett doesn't quite know what to think about the heat yet.  He was so small last summer that we didn't really take him out in the sun much, so it has been a rude awakening.  We worked in the garden before we headed to the block party so all the kids were outside with us and there was a moment when I looked over at Everett and I could tell he was thinking, "What is this woman doing to me?".  I brought him back in and he just sat in a daze for a minute or two.  He drank his juice and was back to his crazy old self in no time, so he is slowly adapting to outside in Alabama summer.  Speaking of our garden, it is really starting to grow!  I would say growning like a weed, but I don't want to jinx it, so let's just say it's really sprouted.  It is going to be very worth all the hard work when we can just go outside and pick our dinner.

Everett has discovered watermelon.

Parker, Windsor Grace, Mia, and Maggie at the block party.
       Today kicked off VBS for our church, Grace Life Church of the Shoals.  They are studying the road to salvation paved with the gospel using the theme "The Romans Road Crew".  They have road construction stuff everywhere and it looks great!  This is Parker's first year to go and his is so excited to be a "big kid".  We picked up Jackson's friends Dawson and Max this morning and I dropped them all off.  As we were driving and the kids were all talking about who they hoped would be there, I was just talking to God and asking Him to speak to their hearts this week.  I know they will have fun everyday, but I also hope that God will stir a desire for Him in them.  Faith comes through hearing, and I know they will be taught truths from the Bible this week.  Jackson will go to kid's camp next week, and I hope VBS will just be a preperation for his soul to delve deeper into God's word when they get to camp.

Parker, Mia, Jackson, Dawson, and Max at VBS

Abby, Mia, and Ashlyn

     After VBS I picked up the kids, and some pizza, and we swam at mom's all afternoon.  Thankfully today is Jefferson Davis's birthday.  I know that doens't mean squat to most people, but to us it's a state holiday, which means Jeremy was off work and got to spend the day with us in the pool.  Now as our company goes home, we will probably work in the garden, maybe grill some dinner, then play and read until everyone drifts off to sleep.  Ahhhh, summer.

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