Saturday, June 11, 2011

Parker's Super 4th Birthday Party

     Today we went to Forest Jumps to celebrate Parker turning 4.  His actual birthday is Tuesday, but he's been saying he's 4 for months now, so I guess it'll finally catch up with him next week!  He was back and forth on what kind of party he wanted.  First it was Super Hero Squad, then it was Power Rangers, then it was Super Mario Bros..  This went on for weeks, until it was finally time to mail invitations, and I finally pressured him into picking something.  It ended up being Mario.  As popular as Mario is in our house, he is not all that popular when it comes to party supplies, but I finally found a place that had plates and napkins.  I pasted together some pics from the internet to make his invitations, and we invited all the cousins.  I told him we could invite his Sunday school class, but he said he only wanted Isaac and Ezra.  For a while he said only boys could come, but then he said maybe me, Mia, and Maggie (who is his friend from the neighborhood), so that's who we invited! 
     We loaded up and left the house around 9:45 to be there at 10:00, which is when the party started.  Of course, I forgot the fruit & juice pouches, but luckily mom hadn't left yet so she picked them up and brought them.  Thank goodness she lives next door!  Forest Jumps is a building full of bouncy houses and slides, so we didn't do a lot of food.  For one thing, Parker isn't a cake fan.  He wanted donuts, so that's what we had.  I stacked a few up to put his candle in & they were actually a big hit.  We also had his other favorites: cheetos and fruit.  I did manage to find some Mario gummies (which Parker can't live without) so we scattered those around on the tables.
     The kids were all starving, so we had donut "cake" at 11:00 and then we opened presents.  Parker is in love with super heroes right now, so he got tons of actions figures.  Every time he would open a present he would squeal, "You gotta be kidding me!  I love this guy!"  It was so funny.  After presents they went back to bouncing and I think every kid was dripping with sweat by the time they left. 
     So now we're home, prying things out of boxes and playing Thor, Captain America, and Green Lantern.  Jackson and Everett are just as excited about Parker's gifts as he is.  Happy party day, Parker!

Jackson and Kenzie

Parker and Ethan

Ezra tired out

Popaw, Jackson, and Isaac

 Pop, Grandmommy, and Granddaddy

Parker's donut cake


Blowing out the candle

Everett has discovered juice pouches!

The loot

Maggie, Mia, and Parker opening presents

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