Sunday, June 19, 2011

Update from the Camper

     The following is Jackson's story of his first time at camp. He obviously had a great time, but he was missed like crazy at home!  They left last Tuesday morning, and came home at lunchtime last Thursday.  He did have a migraine the first day, which made him a little homesick, but he made a quick recovery and enjoyed his trip.  As you will read he did not take a bath AT ALL, but that's what I had expected.  He said they swam, which is the equivalent of a bath for 9 year old boys.  I wish I had some pictures from camp, but I don't.  I snapped the one above right after we swung through the drive thru and got home (still before his post-camp scrub down).  He is already talking about next year!

     I had a great time at Kid's Camp this year.  My favorite thing was the war. We battled with flour, water balloons, mustard, and shaving cream.  We put flour in bags and threw them at each other and they would get all over us.  We threw water balloons at each other too.  We put mustard in a cup and slung it at each other.  We put shaving cream in our hands and ran into each other with it.  My best friend Dawson came with me and he did not like canoeing.  I liked it and went twice.  We canoed in the lake.  We also got to swim in the pool.  One time I left my towel at the cabin and I used my shirt to dry off.  At night I slept on the top of the bunk bed and Dawson slept on the bottom, but it was going to be the other way around.  The second night we went to the gym and played dodge ball.  I got one of the grown-ups out.  We had a lot of food.  Here's our menu: cereal, sausage, eggs, biscuits, pancakes, oj, tea, chicken, spaghetti, & tacos.  The second night at midnight Brother Alex woke us up with a bullhorn.  Then he went back downstairs.  Another guy told us to get our bathing suits on.  So, we all got our suits on and went outside, but instead we went out and ate ice cream.  I had vanilla with whipped cream, strawberry syrup, peanuts, and cherries.  3 people gave their testimonies.  When I got home I was starving so my mom took me to Zaxby's.  I also had to get a shower when I got home, because I took zero baths at camp!

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