Sunday, July 31, 2011

Art Show

     Saturday was Mia's art show at Lucy's Artsy Place.  Mrs. Lucy is our neighbor and also our very favorite art teacher.  Jackson and Mia have been taking art with her over the summers since they were 6 and 4.  Before she had her studio, Lucy taught out of her home, so Jackson and Mia would just ride their bikes across the street.  Now she has a fabulous little place right down the road and she teaches tons of kids all year round.  We met Grandma at the Artsy Place around 6 p.m. and got to see all the stuff Mia had worked on over the summer.  Of course Mia wanted to dress up since she was showing off her creations, so she picked out her dress and put on some lip gloss.  We were all very proud of what she had accomplished!

When you go to the Artsy Place you get to sign the wall.  On top are a few of the paintings you can choose from for you group to paint.  Lucy does classes for all ages.

Mia with Mrs. Lucy
 Mia with all her artwork

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