Sunday, July 31, 2011

Goodbye Summer, Hello Grindstone

     Yes, that is my August calendar and agenda.  Already packed with tons and tons of meetings, first days of school, and other appointments.  Thank goodness our beach trip is only 2 weeks away or I might get exhausted just looking at it!  We have (almost) finished buying school supplies for all 3 kids, and now we are all anxious to see what teachers we get.  Jackson will have 2 - 3 teachers this year for 4th grade, so hopefully he'll like at least one of them!  Mia will be moving up to the "big" school for 1st grade and we love all the teachers there.  Parker's biggest concern about preschool is that he will be in the bluebird class instead of the yellow bird class.  He was really mad about it at first because yellow is his favorite color, but when I brought home a Transformers thermos, he quickly forgot about it and was all about his new big boy cup for school.  Parker won't actually start school until after Labor Day, so he still has some time at home after the others get started.  Jackson and Mia will begin classes August 15.  Lucky for them we leave that same afternoon for the beach!  Nana is coming with us this time, so everybody is excited.  Especially me, since Jeremy will have classes and meetings to go to a couple of the days we're down there.  I won't have to wrangle 4 kids in the pool all alone. 
     Everett goes back for a checkup in Huntsville this week with his urologist.  Hopefully they will find that his hernia is still shrinking on it's own.  We went to the pediatrician last month for a well check and the doctor there could still feel it, so we'll know by the end of this week what's going on with him.

     Our garden is literally a hot mess.  We have vegetables EVERYWHERE.  If you are in need of squash, okra, cucumbers, or tomatoes, PLEASE come get some from us!  We do love being able to get what we want to eat right outside our own door, but as the sun gets hotter the field hands get lazier.  I will say Mia has been our biggest helper in the garden thus far.  She is always willing to go grab a tomato for her daddy!
     I am still getting up early at least 5 days a week to go for a walk.  Notice I said walk this time.  I had been jogging for about 2 weeks when I starting having severe pain in one of my legs.  I'm talking barely made it home and in the door before I broke out in tears pain, and I can take a lot of pain.  It never fails that when I finally try to do something for myself I have to stop.  Hopefully whatever it is will subside and I can begin again.  It's just extremely frustrating!  I did get some new shoes and some inserts to correct my placement, so maybe with rest and my fancy new duds I will be up and running again soon! 

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