Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Red, White, & Blue

     We are still tired out from a great 4th weekend.  Ours started Sunday night with our annual church family picnic.  We have food, games, and fireworks in the back parking lot the Sunday before July 4th every year.  It's always fun, but there was a small malfunction this year.  The little train that was giving rides through the parking lot caught on fire.  I remember looking up and seeing a flood of people running toward where the train "stop" was, and a huge cloud of smoke in the air.  No one was hurt, but the tractor that was pulling all the cars had burst into flames.  Next we hear the music stop and Brother Tom comes on the loud speaker saying, "The train has caught on fire next to a marroon van.  If you own a marroon van you need to move it."  Guess what color our brand new, week old van is.  Yep.  Now, Jeremy couldn't have been farther from the train, but I see him sprinting across the parking lot.  Luckily it wasn't anywhere near our car, but I will always remember the look on Jeremy's face as he ran to save his van!  As it got dark, Nana passed out glow swords, masks, and sticks, and the kids loved them.  We actually had to make the boys stop playing and sit down to watch the fireworks show.  The fireworks started around 9 p.m. and they were fantastic!  We have a company that puts on a professional show and all the people in the churches next door and the neighborhood behind the church come out to watch.  This year was the first time Parker actually enjoyed them.  Everett was a different story.  At first he didn't like the loudness, but he actually closed his eyes so he couldn't even see the colors either!  We thought he was asleep about half way through, but he just didn't want anything to do with fireworks.  As soon as it was over he popped his head back up and was ready to play.

Mia, Sage, and Rosie

Parker, Ezra, Isaac, and Everett enjoying the picnic

Mia on the rock wall (scared to go any higher)

Parker in the ball pit

Pop and Everett

Michael (the boyfriend) and Carley

SO excited about the glow swords!

     Monday morning I made breakfast for us and my parents.  I found a recipe for French toast and berry butter on a website and decided to try it out on everyone.  I made blackberry and strawberry butter, and it was so good.  The kids wanted to eat it by itself, but I convinced them to put it on their toast instead. 

     After breakfast we got ready to go to Grandma's for lunch.  She always decorates the backyard and has family over.  We grilled out over there and the 3 oldest kids decided to stay and swim while Jeremy and I took Everett home for a nap.  On the way home I had the brilliant idea of grabbing our swimsuits and laying Everett down at Nana's for a nap, so we could swim a while too.  Grandma brought the kids back around 4 p.m. and we swam all afternoon with the cousins and grilled out again for supper.  Pop bought fireworks and the kids all had a great time, until Jackson starts screaming at the top of his lungs.  He had tried to grab a lit sparkler from Nana, but he grabbed to close to the flame and burned his finger.  Needless to say everyone was done with sparklers after that.  They watched Pop shoot the "big" fireworks and watched all the others in the neighborhood.  We could even see the ones from the show in Florence through the trees.  Everyone had a great weekend, and after getting to bed later than usual, we are still catching up on sleep!

Grandma with the kids

Lighting the sparklers

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  1. fun weekend! It's exhausting, though! I definitely agree with that!