Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer Lately

Funny story about this picture.  I took it to fill a frame I got at a yard sale that says "Brothers" (brand new, in the box, $3, major yard sale score!).  Anyway, I snapped it this morning to send to Walmart to get printed and Parker looked at it, then looked at me with a frown on his face and said, "Why are you taking pictures of me fat?"  It was all I could do to keep from laughing! I love that little chubby boy!  Ok, on with the blog.
     Not much happening this week at the Robison household.  I actually bought school supplies this week.  Made me sad to load my buggy up with crayons and glue sticks.  Only 29 days of summer left, then we're back to the routine.  Mia finished up her art classes with Mrs. Lucy on Thursday.  She will have a show to present all her work later this month.  Jackson begins his last summer activity tonight.  He is going to a basketball clinic at the rec center given by the high school coaches, and he is very excited.  Basketball is his favorite sport, so I'm hoping he will learn a few things so that he will be a more confident player.  This past Saturday we celebrated Jeremy's mom's birthday.  We grilled out and made homemade ice cream.  She and Jackson love Harry Potter, so they are planning on seeing the movie Friday night.  As our summer is drawing to a close, we are actually gearing up for our vacation.  Jeremy has a work conference every year in August, just about the time school is starting back.  Wouldn't you know that this year it is the very first week of school.  I think our plan is to let the kids go the first day and then leave that afternoon heading to Orange Beach.  I'm not one to let the kids skip all the time, but this is our family's "summer" vacation, so we will just brave the makeup work when we return.  I can't wait to get away for a while!  Our garden is getting huge and we have lots of squash, cucumbers, and tomatoes so far.  The Japanese beetles have fallen in love with our okra, so we'll see if we get any out of it.  All the melons are producing, but none big enough to pick yet.  Our sweet corn is putting on ears and the kids can't wait for it to be ready.
     I do actually have a BIG announcement to make.  One which Jeremy and I are VERY excited about!

We will be on this ship for our 10th wedding anniversary in September!  We will be gone a full week with NO KIDS!!!!  Don't get me wrong, we love our kids, but we haven't gotten away together like this in, oh I'd say 10 years!  Jackson, Mia, and Parker will be in school during the day, so I'm hoping it won't be too hard on the grandparents that are so kindly keeping all of them for us.  I cannot wait to get away and reconnect with my husband.  No laundry, no sweeping/mopping, no dishes, nobody using me for a jungle gym, not having to fix breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack for 6 people for 7 days!  Ahhhh, can't wait.  Now, Jeremy isn't one for taking "vacation" vacations.  By this I mean he wants to be up with the sun and on the move, so we will be in port 4 days.  We will be in Cozumel, Costa Maya, Belize, and Roatan.  I know Jeremy wants to snorkel one day, but other than that we have no idea what we'll do.  If anyone has good ideas, please pass them along!

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