Monday, August 15, 2011

First (& Last)

     Well, we now officially have a 1st and 4th grader at our house.  We dropped the kids off at their classrooms for the first time this morning.  They were both a little nervous, and Mia shed a few tears, but I know they will have good days today.  Mrs. Collins texted me not too long after we were gone and said Mia was all better.  When Jackson got to class his teacher told them to sit where ever they wanted to, so he was happy about that.  Jeremy got to go with me to take them for the first time on the first day, so that was a nice change! 

Right before the water works

     So, while the kids were getting used to their new classes, I was doing this.  If there were an Over Packers Anonymous I would be the president.

     .  That's right folks.  This is the kids' first day of school and also their last for the week.  We will pick them up this afternoon and head straight to Orange Beach!  All summer long we've watched as our friends have headed off to vacation, but now it's our turn.  Jeremy always has a work conference in August so we always tag along for our "summer" getaway.  It wasn't bad when the kids were little (before they all started school), but we still take them out and go.  Family time will always trump school for us.  I know we'll have tons of make up work to trudge through this weekend, but it's well worth it to have some fun in the sun and sand! 


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