Saturday, August 20, 2011

Orange Beach

     Well, we're back at home.  You know that time when you're packing up for a vacation and the excitement of it all is at it's peak?  I wish it were that day again.  I hate the coming home day.  Back to all the routines in life.  Not that we don't have a wonderful "routines", but I love the beach.  As we gradually got closer to home yesterday my thoughts started to drift towards bills and laundry and make up school work and first day of school jitters all over again, since we only went 1 day last week.  You get the idea.  But we're here now, so let the everyday chaos begin!
     My mom (Nana) went with us this year, so on Monday afternoon we picked her up, picked the kids up from school , and headed out.  Wait, let me back up a minute.  We were on the way to the first school to pick up the first kid, and Parker starts to ask if we are "there yet".  Then Jeremy realizes he forgot something.  Let me remind you that he only had to pack for himself, unlike his wife, who had to pack for 5.  So, we pick up the kids, go back to the house for the forgotten items, then we headed to the beach.  Pretty uneventful ride.  Mia got a little carsick just as we were stopping to eat, so she got out and was fine.  By the time we got there it was late, so we unpacked, stepped out on the balcony to look at the beach, and went to bed.  Oh how nice it was to take that first step out into the salty air and hear the waves crashing on the shore.  I love that moment.
     Jeremy and I got up early to get groceries the next morning, then we went back to the condo so he could get ready for his meetings that day.  By then everyone else was up, so we ate and got ready for the beach.  We trekked from our hotel room to the beach chairs with 4 kids and tons of beach stuff, and what'd ya know, Everett HATES the beach.  I cannot emphasize this enough.  I'm talking total melt down.   This is a child who loves to dig, so I felt sure he would love it, but he did not.  He was content to sit on a beach chair and eat grapes and drink juice pouches, but he would not set foot in the sand, and he would turn his head and scream if we took him close to the water. He did love the pool and the splash pad, so we roamed around to all 3 throughout the day.  Parker loved the birds, but wasn't too crazy about the ocean.  Our first day out he saw an "airplane with a note on it".  This thrilled him beyond words, and every time he saw one we would have to read him the ad on it.  He also liked watching the boats and the parasailors.  Jackson has always loved the beach, and he is in the ocean and the sand as much as possible.  He is always the one to volunteer to get buried and Mia is always only too happy to oblige.  Jeremy loves all things fish, so he and Jackson spent a lot of time catching fish and crabs out in the water.  Mia really took to the water this time too.  She has actually fallen in love with the movie Soul Surfer so she thought she was going to surf when we got there, but she settled for riding the waves on her kick board.  She did have homework while we were there.  She had to look for a seashell to bring back to the principal, so we found a really good one in the water one day.
     Thank goodness Nana went, or we would have never made it!  There are really no words to describe what a blessing she was to us this week.  With Jeremy in meetings off and on everyday, it was a tremendous help to have another adult along.  I know she's probably had enough of us for a while, but we loved having her with us. 
     Other than the anti-beach baby, and Parker screaming "Burger King" every time we asked what everyone wanted to eat, the rest of the week was wonderful.  We found a great new place to eat called Cobalt.  We found out the owners of this place also own another of our faves called Cosmo's. We shopped, ate, and played til we dropped every day.  I don't regret taking the kids out of school, but I know Monday will be like a whole new "first" day again.  I hope the jitters don't return and that the kids settle in fairly quickly.  I got a text from Mia's sweet teacher saying that they had missed her, and she grinned ear to ear when I read it to her.  I had sent notes to both of Jackson's teachers to send his homework home with Max (bff & neighbor) and we got nothing.  Not one worksheet, list of spelling words, nada.  I guess we will have double duty on the work this week.  Oh well, it'll get done.  We had a great week, and as we settle into the school year, I know we have lots more fun times to come!

Jackson having breakfast on our first day

Everett is overjoyed

Parker was so excited his daddy got a free hat at his meetings. 
He wore it everyday to the beach.

Jackson and I made Parker a Sonic Village for his boys, but it was too close to the ocean, so Parker never played in it.

Splash Pad

Playing at Lulu's

Some of the men at the convention went fishing, so Jeremy took the big boys to watch the boat come in.  Here they are with the day's catch.

 Mia's newest hair accessory

 This boy is tired out from a day of swimming and shopping!

When Everett started freaking out about the sand I thought I would never get my "beach pic" of the kids this year.  Luckily we found this bench in our closet at the condo, so Mr. High Maintenance never had to put his precious toes on the ground!

 Until next year!

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