Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Parker's Turn

    Parker has had an eventful couple of days.  Yesterday was his first trip to the dentist.  Jackson and Mia had been telling him how much they love the dentist, and that he would get a prize and a new toothbrush if he did good, so he was excited about that part.  It was the getting in the chair and letting a stranger poke around in his mouth part that he wasn't so thrilled about.  I went first, to show him it was no big deal.  He even got to pick out my toothpaste for me.  When it was his turn we made a big deal about how cool the chair was, and the hygienist gave him a ride on it, which he loved.  Then she showed him the little mirror and counted his teeth.  That was as far as she got with Parker.  He was not having anything else done to his teeth.  I bribed with pizza and donuts, but nothing worked.  So he got to pick a new toothbrush and that was the end of his visit.  When we got in the car he reminded me I said we'd get a donut.  I reminded him that I said we'd get a donut if he let the girl brush his teeth.  I think next time he will cave.

     Today we went to registration for pre-school.  Starting next week, Parker will go to Treehouse 3 days a week.  He is a little apprehensive, but I know he will love it.  That is if he doesn't get kicked out for trying to wrestle all the kids!  His teacher is Mrs. Corby and he is in the bluebird class.  He walked in and saw a bazillion toys, and took off to play.  He didn't even want to see his classroom.  I had to drag him in there to find his cubby and look at all the cool stuff there was, and then he took off back to the toys.  I really hope he loves it once he gets into the routine of it all.  My camera's battery was low, and finally completely died when I was trying to snap pictures of everything, but I managed to get a couple of horrible shots before it quit.  Maybe I can get some next week when I take him for his official "first day of school".  It sure will be lonely with just me and Everett at home!

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