Thursday, August 11, 2011

Registration Rat Race

     That is exactly what the kids' school registration feels like.  First of all, they like to keep the class lists shrouded in secrecy.  We only found out a couple of days ago who our teachers would be.  Then they cram all the registrations into about 4 hours (when the kids meet the teacher, see the classroom, take their supplies, etc.).  A lot of people even have 2 or 3 kids that are supposed to be there at the same time.  Luckily Mia's was at 9 and Jackson's was at 10, but I'm sure that we will have conflicts in the years to come, when all 4 are in school.

Mia and Mrs. Collins
     Mia's teacher is Jennifer Collins.  I grew up going to church with her family, so we are very glad about where we are for 1st grade!  Mia doesn't have many friends in her class from last year, but she has a very positive attitude about making new friends this time around.  She's never met a stranger, so I'm sure she'll have a little group of friends in no time!  She wanted her picture taken everywhere.  So glad at least one of my children appreciates my attempt at preserving memories!

Mrs. Daniel & Jackson

An entire set of Magic Treehouse books in Mrs. Golden's room.  Jackson is beyond excited.

Looks like Mrs. Golden is a Bama fan.  Jackson's daddy will be equally excited.

Jackson and Max are so happy to be back at school!!!

 Max, Jackson, and Dawson

     Jackson will have 2 teachers this year for 4th grade.  As he is anti-photography I only snapped a pic with his homeroom teacher.  He has Carolyn Danielfor homeroom and Marie Golden will be his other teacher.  Mrs. Daniel was actually my 4th grade teacher as well as my neighbor growing up.  She has a son that graduated with Jeremy and me, and a daughter that graduated with my brother.  Our families did a lot together when we were little.  We had a clubhouse in the "woods" between our houses when we were growing up and we would spend hours out there.  I told Jackson I can remember reading The Boxcar Children in that class, which he loves, so he is happy.  He is not happy that he doesn't have many friends in his class.  Unlike Mia, he is a worrier and his anxiety often gets the best of him, but after meeting his teachers and seeing a few familiar faces today, he seems alright with his class.  His best friend Max has the same teachers, just reversed.  I did manage to get a picture of the 2 of them, and then again outside with Dawson before they left to go spend the night with him.  I think the kids will have a wonderful year!

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