Thursday, August 25, 2011

Y - E - L - L Everybody Yell . . .

     . . . GO TROJANS GO!  Tonight the whole fam headed out to the first high school football game of the season.  Nothing says Southern like melting into the metal bleachers at the local high school football game.  At least we can count on the concession stand to have plenty of sweet iced tea!  Luckily it cooled off after the sun went down.  That's if you call low 90's cooled off, which we do in August in Alabama.   We quickly discovered the cousins were there, so the kids had a blast. Jackson saw a few friends from school (but mostly girls, so he hung out with us).  Everett quickly realized that the cheerleaders were throwing footballs and tried his best to follow where they went.  Aunt Carley saved the day and brought one up into the stands for him.  Mia and Parker strictly go to the game for the snacks.  Once they've had some candy they are ready to head home, so we hold off on getting some as long as we can.  We did end up leaving at the half since Everett started to have a mini meltdown.  He really wanted to throw his new ball, and didn't understand why we wouldn't let him chunk it into the stands.  On the way to the car I told Parker one day soon it would be him out there tackling those boys and throwing the ball.  He said, "Yeah, I'll wrestle them down good!"  When I asked him what number he wanted to be he promptly said 1 million.  Because that's the biggest number he knows right now, and he also associates big numbers with being the best player.  It seems like yesterday that Jeremy and I were at that same stadium as students watching and cheering for our football boys.  The biggest difference is that now our team is actually pretty good.  It was unheard of for Muscle Shoals to beat Colbert County when we went there, but they were winning 41 to zip when we left.  I hope they continue to do well.  And I hope we can continue to go to the games as a family.  Football is our official Southern past time after all!

Getting ready for some Trojan football!

 Jackson, Isaac, and Parker

Kenzie and Mia

Everett's new prize

Parker showing off his "special moves" with the football

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