Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Costa Maya, Mexico

     Our first port couldn't have been more perfect.  We went to a private beach called Maya Chan.  They supposedly only take about 50 people per day, but there were only 10 of us.  That's right, 10 people with the entire beach to ourselves.  When we docked there were some dancers and we stopped just for a minute to watch them and take a picture.  On our way through the port we saw lots of men in uniform with machine guns, which was an unusual site for us.  The most we see at home is a couple of traffic cops when the schools let out.  We made our way to the taxi stand to wait for a ride. We actually met up with 6 other people from our ship and took a van to the beach.  They were all from Memphis, Tennessee.  One of the guys was fluent in Spanish, so he sat up front with the driver and translated all of our questions to him.  There was still unbelievable hurricane damage here.  We kept noticing that all the buildings were being built out of concrete blocks.  It didn't take us long to figure out why.  Just a few miles outside of the city we saw huge black nests on the trees.  Our driver told us they were termite nests, and said they had gotten much worse since the hurricane.  It really makes us thankful for what we have in the states.  We finally made it to Maya Chan, and it was breathtaking.  The water was so clear and the weather was perfect.  They have turtle grass there, which is much easier to deal with than our seaweed.  It's a brown grass that actually roots in the sand, so where it grows is where it stays.  It doesn't move with the tide like our seaweed does.  They did have a man who was weeding it out while we were there, but I prefer that over slimy seaweed any day.  One of the men in the group from our boat surprised his wife with a vow renewal ceremony for their 25th anniversary, so we got to participate in that.  He had written the sweetest vows, and I asked him if he could just pass them to Jeremy for our anniversary on Thursday.  Another couple showed up about an hour later, and they were from Atlanta, Georgia.  This place was all inclusive, so we had free food and drinks all day long.  Pearl, one of the girls that worked there, had made a wedding cake for the Jim and Jill (the couple renewing their vows), so we all got a slice.  The food was so good.  They grilled fish, chicken, and steak and we made tacos and fajitas with it.  What better place to get Mexican food, right?  Jeremy enjoyed his afternoon kayaking and snorkeling.  They brought back some huge starfish for us to see.  We spent a few more hours there, then took a taxi back to the port to do some shopping and take some pictures.  There was a Senor Frog's right at the port dock, and we were very glad we hadn't stayed there.  There was a huge pool that had a swim up bar and it was packed with people.  I love all the bright colors of the ceramic pieces in Mexico.  I was very tempted to buy a sink bowl while we were there, but when I thought about having to carry it off the ship, I decided against it.  We made our way through the shops and back to the ship and just did nothing in particular.  This was my favorite beach the entire week.

Coming in to port in Costa Maya

 Jim and Jill renewing their wedding vows

Zach and Jeremy in the glass bottom kayaks.

 Senor Frog's pool at the port dock.  Glad I didn't spend my day with all these folks!

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