Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Day of Preschool

     This morning was like many others in our home.  We got up early, ate breakfast, brushed our teeth, got dressed, and went off to school.  Only this morning there were 3 little bodies getting ready instead of 2.  Parker is officially a preschooler today!  He actually got up around 5:30 and climbed in bed with me.  I reminded him that this was going to be his first day of school, and he said, "Yeah mom, I know.  Can I watch Bubble Guppies now?"  So much for first day jitters.  We got Jackson and Mia sent on there way, then we got down to business trying to decide what to pack in our Transformer's lunch box.  We were almost ready when I realized I had no idea where Parker's tennis shoes were.  We literally have worn nothing but sandals and flip flops for months now and I can't remember where we could have left them.  It has been chilly this week, so he couldn't wear his sandals.  We finally found some "church" shoes that would work, but only after I told him Jackson had some just like it.  And he found out they made him a little taller, so crisis averted!  Once Parker was dressed and ready, we rode off to Tree House where he is attending school.  He is in the Bluebird class, and he was very excited to get there!  As I was getting my camera out of the car to walk him in, he was racing me to the door.  I had to make him come back outside so I could get his picture.  He found his name on his cubby and put his lunch box there, and headed off to class.  I did get a quick hug, but I could tell he was anxious to get in there.  I just hope he wasn't sizing up the rest of the kids for wrestling!  So, Everett and I had a long morning.  We ran a few errands and picked up a couple surprises for Parker's big day.  He'd had his eye on some superhero squinkies, and we found some tennis shoes on clearance since we seemed to be fresh out!  When we got there to pick him up we saw his Cheeto-faced smile, and knew he'd had a great time.  Here is what he told me about his day:

1. He made lots of friends.  He knows all the kids, but none of their names.

2.  He didn't get to play in the castle because it was the Redbirds' and Yellowbirds' turn for that.

3.  He knew which bathroom to use because it had a picture of a boy on the door.  They don't have potties on the wall like at church, but they did have stools, so he still got to stand up to use the potty.

4.  He ate all his lunch and another boy had a Transformer's lunch box.  He is his friend.  No, he doesn't know his name.

5.  When I asked him what was his favorite part he said, "When you picked me up and brought me this toy." 

     He said he loves school and he can't wait to go back again.  He seems so big now!  No matter how many children you have, it's hard to watch them take that first step into the real world.  It's a little harder when they are crying and clinging to you, but it was just as hard seeing that big smile, and watching him run right into the classroom.  I know he will continue to enjoy school.  I just hope he remembers not everybody wants to have a fight to the death during recess!

A little pre-preschool exercise in our pj's (while waiting on Jackson and Mia's carpool)

Jackson picked out this lunchbox for Parker, and he is so proud of it.

Hittin' the road to Tree House

 Prizes waiting for Parker

"Great first day" smile

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  1. so fun! Addie is liking it...but still crying every day. *sigh* She wants to go...all talk and happy about it...turn the corner to get there...tears! But she still goes in, she's just crying. Kylie says she stops after about 1 minute.
    Addie has been telling us about the grumpy bench. SO funny! She says all the boys have to go to the grumpy bench because they don't listen! haha