Friday, September 2, 2011

Football Friday

     Everyone in our house is pumped for football this weekend, some more than others (Jeremy).  The kids have spirit day on Friday's at school and they wear red and black to support the football team.  Here they are before school this morning.

     Mia has been to cheerleading clinic this week with the high school cheerleaders.  She learned lots of cheers and a dance and they got to show off their moves before the game tonight.  This is major, "on the football field" cheerleading, and she loved every minute of it.  Of course the one night of practice that I remembered to bring my camera with me, the battery died and I got zero pictures.  I did however take these tonight at the game.  I think we may have a future cheerleader on our hands!  The girls all did great, and they did NOT want to come off that field!

Ashlyn and Mia

 Maudie and Mia (Maudie's mom, Melanie, and I cheered together in high school)

 Getting a last minute pep talk before the big performance

Kamryn, Bella Claire, Mia, and Maudie

 Taking the field

 Shakin' it "all the way down"

Jackson's game face

     Here is my pitiful attempt at making football strawberries for the Bama game tomorrow. 

     If you had been in my kitchen while I was making these you would have seen an 18 month old clinging to one of my legs and trying to bite me, while I was also playing the part of "the bad guy" in a heated battle with a 4 year old Batman.  Needless to say I should have waited until nap time to attempt making my goodies, but who knows if that will even happen in a day?  Parker did tell me that they looked like footballs, so mission accomplished (sort of).  So, we're all cheered out and ready for tomorrow!  Roll Tide!

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