Monday, September 26, 2011

Home Sweet Home

     We are back with 10 years of marriage under our belt.  We had a wonderful time on our cruise, but we were definitely glad to be back home.  I did almost have a heart attack when about half way through our trip my camera quit working and wouldn't show any of my pictures, but thankfully they were all still there.  We actually had another smaller camera with us just in case, so overpacking saved the day once more!  Neither of us got sea sick (which was my big concern) and we made it back to the ship on time at every port (which was Jeremy's big concern).  I think the easiest way to blog about it all will be to break it up into countries.  I'm going to use this post to talk about the actual ship we were on.  We sailed on the Norwegian Spirit out of New Orleans, Louisiana.  It was actually that ship's last voyage before a dry dock (to update things like TV's, bathrooms, etc.).  It was purchased by Norwegian from an Asian company, so it had lots of Asian decor and it was beautiful.  It was a "freestyle" cruise, which is mainly why we chose this company.  You could pretty much eat when you wanted.  There was no set time or assigned seating for meals.  Most importantly there was no "formal" night.  I haven't been in a formal gown since my wedding day, and I will do my best not to be in one again until my children get married.  We could do what we wanted to when we felt like it, which was fine with us.  I think Jeremy managed to get at least an hour nap in everyday!  It reminded me of a floating retirement home.  They brought us a paper every day telling us what shows and events were coming up, where we could eat, etc.  They had wine tastings, contests by the pool, even a scrapbook class.  Jeremy loved that they had germx everywhere.  People actually stood outside the restaurants to give you a squirt before you went in to eat. 

     As far as restaurants went, there were a bazillion to choose from.  There was the never ending buffet which is where we ate breakfast every morning.  You just can't beat made to order omelets, so I didn't try.  For lunch we went to a couple different places where you ordered off of the menu.  Our favorite was called Windows.  It was literally encased in windows and you could see the ocean from every angle.  Jeremy's favorite thing to do was order BLT's from room service.  Also on the two sea days they did a BBQ out by the pool which was really good.  On our anniversary we went to a steak house called Cagney's and it was the best meal we had all week.  There were also Japanese, Chinese, Italian, and French places.

     On our first sea day we went to Jeremy's much anticipated meet-and-greet.  We met several people from Arkansas, Memphis, and Louisiana.  We also met a lot of the ship staff and the cruise director there.  Every couple brought a $10 gift from there state to exchange, and we ended up with pralines from Louisiana.  I don't know who got our gift, but we took an Alabama Christmas ornament with candy canes all over it.
     We had a wonderful maid, Joann, who always left us with an animal towel on our bed.  The kids thought this was so cool.  I hated to inform them that I did not, in fact, learn how to make them.

     We didn't catch every single show, but we did see the Russian acrobats and the comedian Rik Roberts.  They were both good.  My favorite thing to do was to sit on our balcony and stargaze.  It's amazing how many stars you can see in the middle of no where!  It was a little weird to wake up in a different country every morning, but it was also fun to know you were somewhere totally different.  Most nights we left our curtains open so we could wake up with the sunrise, and they were all beautiful.  We woke up on the morning of our anniversary to a double rainbow in Belize.  How many people can say that?

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