Thursday, September 8, 2011

Time Away

     I got so excited today as we booked our last excursions that I had to write it down!  In 10 days we will be on our 10th anniversary trip to Mexico and Honduras. 

Places like this

and this

and maybe a few of these

     We will be there for an entire week!  This is our first big vacation together ever and we're still a little anxious about it.  Jeremy actually looked at me last night and said, "So you think we're really getting on a boat next week?"  Of course there are now 2 tropical depressions starting off the coast of Africa, which is never good for where we are going, but we are hoping they will steer clear of us. We plan to lay on the beach in Costa Maya, snorkel in Cozumel, take a private tour of the island of Roatan, and climb the Lamanai ruins in Belize.  Jeremy has found a great message board for our cruise ship and has actually signed us up for a meet and greet with some others from our boat on our first day at sea.  A lot of these people seem to cruise "professionally", so I'm hoping we can get some good info from them about the places we're going.  I'm a little nervous about leaving the kids, but I know they're in good hands.  I do feel better about it now that I know Parker likes school so much.  Nana won't have to deal with tearful goodbyes on those days. As long as she can brave 4th grade homework I think they'll be alright.  So, that's what I'm thinking this morning, as I sit on the computer looking around my messy house, holding a screaming 18 month old.  Sun, sand, just me and the hubs for a week.  Ahhhh . . . .

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